[SRS] Diet will help you die

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I am a supporter of life. Healthy life? Well, in my point of view, my life is healthy, in the eyes of the modern society, it's not.
In my opinion you should not restrict yourself, why should you? The only exception could be your health, but on the other hand, you will die anyway. Why should you "live" while not being allowed to do things you like, and to eat food you like?

Diet, a shortcut to your grave (any)

Yes, literally. Have you ever tried diet? Or you still are on diet? And you aren't loosing weight? Oh, how could that be possible? Maybe biology? Anyone? No? Okey, I'll explain.
Diets don't work for one simple reason, they are unnatural. It's literally attack on your body and metabolism, and our body is capable of defending itself, and believe it will. You will quickly loose weight for the first time, but it comes back right when you'll eat again. Why? Your body is too smart, probably smarter than you, because you cannot overcome it's defense. Your body got assimilated to this process, if you eat once a week for example, your body will take resources for a week, therefore you will not loose weight, only your health.
Your body doesn't know your intentions, it just turned to the emergency mode.
When you're trying specialized diets, you are not getting enough of nutrients required by your body, therefore the body is taking them anywhere it can, from the reserves, and afterwards from your health, and this process is inevitable. Your body is also getting excess of some nutrition, resulting in another health problems. When you finally realize that it doesn't work, your body will be inevitably damaged, and returning to the original status will be very difficult.

Why do diets even exist when they are unhealthy?

Well, the first intention actually was a health. Medical diets are a thing that I respect in some way, if they are temporary. Otherwise the reason is money. Diets are expensive, and actually very cheap to produce. You actually jumped to their catch, but there are still people who voluntarily smoke cigarettes, so you're not that stupid.

What to do instead of diets?

Walk. It's that simple, just go for a walk. Eat as properly as human should, stop eating doesn't help. However, you should also be as active as human should. Technological advancement came too fast, humans were not ready, and now we are lazy, and we almost ceased using our legs.
Walking is the most natural activity for humans, you don't have to necessarily start running right away, you also shouldn't.

Stop being a consumerist sheep

Eat what you want, in the end you'll find out that it's much healthier than the stuff everyone wants you to believe is healthy anyway. Live your own way, don't use anyone's preset. Give a bit of that activity into it, and you can live however you want. It's not about the food you eat, it's about you.

Individuality is the key, enjoy it while it lasts.

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