A Call for Interviews: Has your Doctor talked to you about Nootropics or Supplements?

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Someitmes, I do other things than "Steem" it.

As some of you know, Steemit isn't my primary platform for content creation. Before YouTube caused me to delete hundreds of videos (as reported by VICE: Motherboard) I used to run a pretty active YouTube channel all about using nootropics (cognitive enhancing supplements) to increase one's performance in their professional life.

I might want to interview YOU for my next project!

Recently, I learned one of my subscribers was recommended a nootropics by his physician, which isn't a story I'd personally heard before. This has sparked a desire to bring light to the the legitimacy of nootropics in the medical space in an entirely new way.

I'm designing a longer-form, higher production quality, YouTube video and I'd love to interview anyone who's even talked about nootropics with a Doctor.

Simply comment on this post so we can get in touch :)

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If you could recommend one single nootropic supplement (capsule) to take while drinking a Bulletproof coffee, what would it be?

I personally like fat-soluble 'racetam with Bulletproof Coffee. Like aniracetam. I personally just mix it in and chug it! PS: this is not medical advice, I'm not a Dr, etc.

Interesting. I have wanted to try it but its not so easy to get aniracetam in Canada.

Some nootropics like Modafinil stack really nicely with it. Read more here: http://nootropic.press/oral-modafinil-side-effects-dosage-legality