Music therapy - A tool to overcome depression and stay healthy

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Have you ever been in a position where you are downtrodden, everything seems terribly wrong and all the thoughts that could come to your mind is to end it. Have you ever been so sad or lose interest in everything that surrounds you and you feel the depression from within (you can hardly make a full sentence because your thought is sluggish).
If you are in any of this position or you find yourself in it anytime, then try Music therapy.

A lot of research have been done trying to prove the effects music have on your brain and how it can be used to treat depression, however from a personal point of view Music have essentially lifted my spirits in numerous times. At some occasions it may just be during one of those church services, I'll go in with a lot of thoughts and after the first or second rendition by the choir all this thoughts are gone and I really get in the mood
I recommend good ambient/ solemn music anytime we feel down. At times all we need is just the tunes/melody and this may save someone from taking irrational decisions that can be life-threatening.

I hope we find good music to make us smile and lift our soul.. Happy Sunday


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Music is one tool that I wonder why it possess such influence on both human and spirits. The sound of music calms nerves down. Thanks for this great post.

Thanks for the comment

From my little experiences, I have seen that depressed people like to listen sad song/music. Wouldn't it make them more depressed?

When they give music therapy for depression there are specific songs they give them and they ain't songs with sad theme

Is there any such real profession called "music therapist?"

Yes! @skaybliss.
Music definitely has that effect on people.
You may consider reading this writeup here HEALING THROUGH THE SOUND OF MUSIC by @air-clinic


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Thanks, I'll surely check d write-up

Short and sweet. Thanks for the post.

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This is totally true @skaybliss music really to me is a means of lifting up, it keep me motivated and really active in activities I engage with everyday.
Keep Steeming