My Dog's Journey of Healing from Cancer with Cannabis / Marijuana

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My Dog's name is Zoey, she's a female poodle who used to have a large tumor on her belly that could have easily been mistaken for a large pair of balls! One of her teats developed a small tumor that eventually got bigger and bigger.




We thought it was no big deal when it was only the size of a grape, but it continued to grow and we couldn't afford to pay a vet to give her surgery. By the time it reached the size of a large strawberry, I decided I was going to do something about it myself.

I've done extensive research into cannabis and it's medical uses and it's health consequences etc. Aside from all the anti marijuana propaganda, there are many scientists and doctors who do admit that cannabis kills cancer cells through a process called apoptosis, where in which the cannabis causes the cancer cells to commit suicide, while leaving the healthy good cells healthy. On the contrary, radiation and chemotherapy kills all cells, cancerous cells as well as healthy tissue cells. Below you can hear it straight from the horses mouth...(who is a doctor). Below is Dr Lester, he lost his son to cancer many years ago and has done extensive research on this subject.

I wanted to know if this was true and I wanted to help my Dog. So I called up my local "pharmacist"/drug dealer buddy and purchased one whole ounce of the sticky green herb. Actually this was nothing out of the ordinary for me but this time it was just for the dog only! I just wanted to see if it would shrink or at least slow down the growth of this nasty tumor. Below is a shot of the weed, for those of you who do not know what an ounce of weed looks like ;)


The next step for me was to figure out how to get the dog to consume the cannabis because I've already blown plenty of smoke in her face but that just gets her high like me. I needed to make it edible and more easily consumable for a dog and I needed to get it into a form that I could apply it topically to the tumor its self. So I got online and discovered RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, also known as Cannabis oil. It's basically the whole marijuana plant, in the form of an oil. Below is a link to the actual youtube video from which I learned how to make just a small batch, on a small scale in a low risk manner. This small batch has lasted me about a year now, and you'll just love Doctor Tamara!

The pure oil its self is actually not extremely desirable to eat however, so I infused it with coconut oil and the dog just loves it! To infuse the cannabis oil with the coconut oil you simply just mix the two together, nothing complicated there. In the winter time its like a butter, in the summer time it's more of a liquid.

Here is a shot I took of the finished product (in the summer time).


As I was beginning to use this for my dog, it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what kind of dose was necessary and how to administer the medicine.

CAUTION: Although some of us know that cannabis never killed any HUMAN, overdose is possible for dogs. Do not give massive amounts of THC to a dog!

When I gave Zoey a bit too much, she would So I had to be careful to give her no more than what I could put on my finger tip, (in the beginning). As weeks went by she did develop a tolerance for the pot. When I could see that she was not throwing up and she was looking like this......

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 12.44.35 PM.png

I knew I had given her the right amount.

Image credit

I gave her as much as I could put on my finger tip, as best I could, two to three times per day. However I must admit, I was not always very consistent with this.

To administer the medicine in the beginning, I would just let her lick it, but I later learned that it's best to rub it directly onto the tumor and then let her lick it off my finger. This way, it gets directly on the tumor as well as all throughout the blood stream.

At one point I eventually began to feel discouraged because I didn't see any drastic changes. I began to feel not as motivated to give her this treatment because I couldn't visibly see a difference and I was losing faith. I went a full two weeks without giving her any cannabis.

Eventually two short weeks had passed, and my wife and I could smell something nasty in our bedroom. It smelled like death! We looked and noticed that Zoey's tumor had quickly DOUBLED in size and was leaking puss everywhere. The tumor had grown from the size of a strawberry to a PEACH! I should have photographed it but rather than taking photos I was panicking, cleaning up after her and immediately giving her the medicine again, wishing I hadn't ever stopped.

This all seemed like horrible news and I was in shock and a bit worried but it was actually a very good thing. Now I knew for a fact the cannabis had at least been keeping the tumor from growing, even while it was in it's late stages of growth. Like the oncologists say, early detection of a tumor is always best if you intend to shrink it. I believe I started this cannabis treatment far too late for the cannabis oil to have shrunk the tumor completely but I know it at least suppressed it and kept it small in it's late stages.

While the tumor was small a bit earlier I trembled at the idea of taking a knife to her belly and I shook at the idea of paying a veterinarian $4,000 I did not have, but now that the tumor had already burst on it's own, I went ahead and took matters into my own hands. I cut the flesh wide open with a pair of scissors till I could see the face of the ugly tumor itself. It was rather disgusting to say the least. I was able to remove roughly 75% of the tumor with the scissors. The dog even helped, but of course she has no teeth, which is why her tongue is hanging out in the top photo.

I was unable to remove all of the tumor because I did not want to cause her to bleed. Below is a shot of the tumor while I was half way through this surgery.


I knew that if I tried to remove the remaining 25% of the tumor, closest to her innards, it would have caused her to bleed and I would not have been prepared for that so I left it as it was, and hoped that the incision would heal and that the cannabis oil could dissolve the remaining 25% of the tumor.

While the remaining bit of the tumor was fully exposed I went ahead and soaked it in cannabis oil and I planned on wrapping it up somehow but the dog just kept licking and licking and it really just took care of its self, because puss kept seeping out as she would weave her dog fur into the puss and into the incision and it healed up very nicely.

Below is a shot of the remaining 25% of the tumor all stitched up with only her dog fur, and I also put a second application of cannabis oil on the outside of the tumor so it's a bit green and shiny and you can see, and it's still a bit of a lump.



As for the remaining 25% of the tumor, I just applied the cannabis oil 2 to 3 times daily to the affected area and also let her lick it up but I did it faithfully this time.

Shortly after surgery, you can still see below, a bit of a lump. (mostly remaining tumor & some scar tissue)


...weeks later;


...weeks later;


...months later/Today;



Notice the discoloration in the skin between my two fingers, very light scarring, ZERO TUMOR!!!




She needs a better haircut but she is happier than ever!

Mostly I thank God, and I thank God for weed!


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wow that is amazing. Your procedure on your animal was intense looking. Glad it worked out so well.

Pot became illegal in Alaska in 1982 and they legalized it again last year. For the most part people in the AK never payed attention to the ban of it. However the expansion of everyones medicinal knowledge of it has been amazing. When they legalized it again last year the first people in line were 70 something grandmas and grandpas needing it for pain management and to cure cancer.

Thank you for your post!

Hi there! Regular Responsible Cannabis consumer here! I still don't get how in today's society Marijuana hasn't been legalized; I've been Consuming it regularly and I've never been better, seldom get sick and doesn't affect my everyday duties. I'm really happy tour Dog is getting Better! Cheers!


I haven't had a cold in years, but I also drink a lot of vitamin C

What a remarkable story

Such an incredible story! I'm so happy for you that you were able to save your dogs life!

@sk8music got you a $0.82 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@sk8music got you a $0.82 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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