This is the man who has motivated me for so many years!

in #health3 years ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been an inspiration to me since the first time I brought a bodybuilding book. This was 30 years ago when I was only 17.


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I have seen every one of his movies and I have read all of his books. Arnold's 6 rules for success has always stood out to me and I have tried to stick by them as much as I can, However there are 2 rules that I think everyone struggles with in life and they are Don't be afraid to fail and Ignore the Naysayers.

Does anyone else struggle with these two or is there others that you struggle with?

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yeah sometimes we involuntarily gets afraid of failure and it restrains us to give our best .

Looking back of the years there has been several times I should of done something but was to afraid to take the plunge but missed the opportunity.

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