SBD Give away: Where everyone wins. Fck Cancer

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Welcome to the FCK Cancer SBD giveaway competition.

The competition where everyone gets rewarded

Over the last month or so I have been trying to raise funds For the Leukemia Foundation via The World Greatest Shave.

Below is my projection of how I will look after I shave my head for cancer on March 18th

Click Image to donate direct.

So far I have raised $1200 of my $2500 Target through traditional Fundraising and the old faceblag, In addition to that my wife and I have been trying over the last month to get steemit in on the action by donation all the sbd from any post we have made with the words Fck Cancer in the title.

So far between us, we have raised an exciting $85 aud through steemit and today I'm trying to raise more.

By incentivizing your upvote.

SBD give away rules.

1: Upvote
2: Resteem: I actually hate asking that you resteem this but we are trying to reach as many people as possible
3: Post Fck Cancer in the comments.

What you get.

If we can get this post to crack $10 I a random non-bot upvoter will get 1Sdb.

Everyone that upvotes and comments "Fck cancer" will get a 100% up-vote from me even if It takes days to vote on everyone.

Remember your upvote gives to Charity.

Kind Regards


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Got cancer busy with the last chemo's. Very doable but bold as an eagle already :D

As someone that was able to not only survive but have been cancer free for 4 years. FCK CANCER. YOU CAN'T HAVE ME I OWN YOUR A$$

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."


@motinkergnome. Thanks for your support and the dune quote I had fear is the mind killer pressed in a dog tag and now my wife wears it all the time and for me I got "The sleeper must awaken" tattooed on my ribs

Fck Cancer
Dude this is very good initiative by you.. May you succeed in your mission...

Fck Cancer

Fck Cancer

I have loved ones taken by that damn illness. Hoping the cure is on its way. 👏

Thanks @joangarcia16 really appreciate the support

Fck cancer

Fuck Cancer. No really, it deserves all the letters.

While not Leukaemia, my father died 5 years ago to one type of cancer, and my mother is currently battling a different one (that's in stage 4 already also).

When it comes to Leukaemia, I knew far too many kids when I was younger that aren't with us anymore thanks to this one alone. Part of the wonders of growing up with a significant chronic illness with lots of hospitalisation.

On a more amusing side: Those ears!

Two grandparents, and an uncle taken and my father diagnosed last year so yeah you're right it does deserve all the letters. FUCK CANCER.

Thanks for the up vote and resteem.

Doing what I can where I can. It's such a horrible group of diseases. We need to do more, though good to see the HPV vaccine having positive effects already on the levels of Cervical Cancer here to the point they're looking at eradication being possible. Hopefully it's a case of 'One down...NEXT!'

Fck Cancer! It has taken every adult I have lost in my life more than I can count on both hands. No up voted needed to me.

Side note, God I hope your ears are not that big!

everyone gets a reward,

As for the ears I hope they aren't as well but my beautiful wife likes to tell me they are

Yeah the wives seem to think they are funny, as good guys we just let them.

If I win I am just gonna donate it anyway.

Fck Cancer. Love you xx

F*CK CANCER! I've lost several people to cancer, my first was my mother, I was 13, and she was only 33, and as we speak, my uncle is laying in a hospital bed in Texas, with liver cancer, and probably won't make it through the weekend. So, yeah, fuck cancer I hope you guys reach your goal. Good luck!!

Thanks for the support.

Three days now till its all shaved of so still a fair bit away from the goal but I'm hopeful we get there

Fck cancer

Good luck to my friends, I'll send you the first winnings soon, I hope you will have a lot of luck until March 18th.

Fck Cancer. I am now a follower. Keep the good work.

Duck cancer
Have meet people battleing with this pest to life and I must say it really degrading.
I love the the whole idea of raising fu under to fight this plague
Nice one mate

Fck cancer!!
One of my friends is currently battling Leukemia, and although he’s trying to stay positive, it’s getting harder every day. We’re all hoping he will be able to slay this monster, but the odds are all against him, unfortunately.
So I think you should get all the support you can get!!

I missed the timing on this post unfortunately, but wanted to say congratulations on you and your wife's efforts! My husband @briancourteau has cancer and the predictions aren't good. We picked up and moved from Canada to Mexico to just live for as long as he has. We've actually both written about it here a lot because it helps to talk with others about it, and the encouragement and love received from people here has been amazing to us! I don't have much to give, but I'm sending a little sbd to your wallet as a contribution. FCK cancer is right!

@lynncoyle1 thankyou very much you donation is greatly appreciated.

Just three days now till I shave it all off I will post the video.

Good for you; can't wait to see it :)

I almost did the same years ago, but the difference was I was young, drunk, and at a cancer fundraiser :)

Fck Cancer!!!!

Keep on truckin'

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