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Soft Drinks: our closest friends but biggest enemy.

Taking soft drinks has become our daily routine without considering the side effects. soft drinks has become parts of our diets to such an extent that for many, meals or snacks without soft drinks is unthinkable. Although soft drinks may provide instant refreshment, they are very harmful to our bodies.
A carbonated drink is nothing more than a toxic brew of coloring agents chemical with no nutritive value. Regular bottle contains an equivalent of 11 teaspoons of sugar and excessive consumption can lead to increase triglyceride (FAT) formation and decreased glucose tolerance, either of contains 45 milligrams of caffeine and can lead to dependence on the substance. The drink has a PH of 3.4(acidic) which is strong enough to dissolve your teeth and go intestinal linings. For habitual drinks, the risk is bone fractures increased by three to four times and in the long-run, cause (osteoporosis)Carbonated drinks are aerated with carbon dioxide with same substance which is the waste product in our respiratory process and would otherwise cause suffocation if left in the lungs. Soft drinks can be used for the other task such as cleaning the toilet bowls , loosening nested bolts or to get rid or corrosion on battery terminal. The highest the precarious nature of all soft drinks.
considering all the side effects of soft drinks, it is only healthier to substitute their consumption to drink such as water, fruit juice, flavoured milk, green tea or instead consume fruits in their natural state rather than artificial processed one.
Drinking soda however has far more health risk than any of us may realise. regular consumption of surgery drinks is linked to numerous health problems including diabetes, heart disease, asthma and obesity they are basically 10 harmful effects of substance you may know, they includes
a)Type 2 diabetes
b) obesity risk in children
c) heart disease
d) dental problem
e) kidney trouble
f) cancer
g) asthma
soft drinks have no nutrition they all contain harmful chemicals. their high sugar content often high fructose corn syrup, can cause diabetes and affect the heart and liver. Regular consumption of soft drinks gives rise to;

    The high sugar level in the average drink cause a sharp spike in your blood glucose level and without helping you stay saturated for long. as a result of your body feels hunger and fatigue unleashing a vicious cycle. that negatively impact your waistline and ups risk of type 2 diabetes
    Since children enjoy guzzling these sugary drinks (often replacing health food), they are at a greater risk . as one study indicates decreasing soft drinks intake can significantly reduce obesity in children and adolescents. 3. RAISES RISK OF HEART DISEASE
    Obesity metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes all of which become more likely with sugary drinks consumption, are all markers for cardiovascular diseases. Those who consume soft drinks regularly have 20% higher risk of getting heart attack .
    Phosphoric acid is a food addictive added to colas to give them a tangy flavour and also to inhabit the growth of micro organism. But too much phosphate in the blood can interfere with proper calcium metabolism which is essential for healthy bones. Caffeine too can interfere with mineral absorption.

All these are harmful effects of soft drinks, other include:

  • causes asthma and cop D
  • causes kindney trouble
  • increased cancer risk
  • disrupt sleep
  • also causes tooth erosion
    There is yet another reason why too much sugar in your soda can wipe away smiles. The sugar in your soda , when acted upon by the bacteria in the mouth becomes an acid and this attacks the teeth enamel and weakens it.
  1. Water or in fused water
  2. Sparkling water
  3. Probiotic teas.
    With all this we can minimize the intake of soft drinks into our body regularly soa s to avoid numerous health problems.
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Very good post, and great job giving alternative drinks. I have an alternative drink I should write about, and drink more often. I have been successful in eliminating soft drinks in the past, but currently drink them regularly which is definitely bad for my health. Hope your day is fantastic and soft drink free. :)


Yes my day is going well , a big thanks to you for your time you created in comenting on my post . thank you because am new here and would really need help


I am new as well, and you are welcome.


Thank you.... So how did you get to increase your reputation that fast??


Trust me, I don't really have any tricks, nor am I well versed in how this all works. It's been about 2 weeks and I have just been writing posts and making comments. I joined mostly for fun and to just see what it was like. It's going pretty good so far. Good luck!


Thanks alot for your help , so maybe ill start posting more info and comenting on others peoples post ....thanks for the help i would really eant to know you better are you on face book?