Eat Nuts for a healthy life

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Multiple studies have shown that the richness of various vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber, this genitive element have a special role to keeping many diseases away. Especially, there is no substitute for this physical element to keep away from heart disease, cholesterol, blood sugar and cancer-like mortality, which has increased considerably over the past decade. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at Yale University's Cancer Center found that the risk of colon cancer was reduced drastically when regular almonds began to eat nuts. Not only this, those who are already suffering from this disease, their body also reduces the likelihood of new cancer cells. In fact, Jordan's residents started eating the first nuts before about 3000-2000 BC today. And today its popularity touched the sky.


Bone and dental health improvements:

Nuts contain calcium and phosphorus which grow the bones ability. It also develop the dental health. If you do not want to get bone diseases like osteoarthritis at an old age, do not forget to include nuts in daily diet.

Brain Power Grows:

Several studies have found that nutritious riboflavin and l-carnateine ​​nuclei play an important role in increasing the power of the brain. And once the performance of the brain cell increases, it does not take time to increase brain power. In fact, before going to bed every night, keep in the five nut water. Eat the nuts next morning. Thus, if you can eat nuts daily, then there's more benefit available.

Full fill the power of energy:

If you want to increase body fluidity, start eating nuts regularly with one bowl. It will not take time to meet the benefits. Because the presence of this element of magnesium, riboflavin and copper energy in the interior of this genus element plays an important role in increasing the mobility of the body overall. So start eating nuts and see the the change of benefits.

Control Blood pressure:

Not only diabetes and nutritious, magnesium also plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Multiple case studies have shown that if there is a shortage of this mineral in the body, then there may be a sudden increase in blood pressure in the body. If blood pressure is out of control for a long time, then there is a sudden increase in the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney problems. Therefore, we should concern about the magnesium deficiency in the body.


Antioxidant levels increase:

This is an element that plays a special role in preventing various infections by preventing cancer, as well as improving immune system. It is not the end here, antioxidants tend to be more useful. For example, by reducing abnormal traction, preventing lesions from the cells, it also helps reduce the age of skin and body.

Prevent Diabetes:

Nuts contain magnesium to help keep blood sugar levels in control. That's why Diabetics regularly advised to eat almonds. In fact, a recently published study found that the risk of developing type-2 diabetes decreased by 25-38 percent if regular almond-eating habits.

The health of the cells improves:

Vitamin E is available in large quantities in the nuts, with the increase of the workforce of the cells spread on each corner of the body, there is no wound in their body in any way. As a result, the body does not have any effect on aged.

Improves digestibility:

Several studies have found that regularly having almonds in the water increases the leak of certain enzymes within the body. At the same time, the incidence of gas and ovum also decreased.

Immunity increases:

Due to regular having almonds, started improving immune system. As a result, many infections are forced to stay away. But it does not end here, nuts contain antioxidants that are more useful. For example, suppressive lesion reduces accidental traces to prevent cellular lesions, while also helping to reduce skin and body fat.


Weight controlled:

After eating almonds, it decreases the hunger. As a result, the tendency to eat excessive diet decreases. Additionally, the likelihood of increasing the weight of the excess calories required in the body decreases.

Reduce bad cholesterol from Blood:

The statistics of the past decade provides how uncontrolled cholesterol has increased heart rate due to heart disease. So it is important to be careful about this issue. You should be careful that the body does not increase the amount of bad cholesterol in any way. If you add nutrient to the daily diet, then you will not have to worry about the health of the heart. Actually, some effective substances present in the nuts increase the cholesterol levels in the body. As a result, bad cholesterol levels start to decrease. As well as decreasing heart disease.

Nutritional deficiencies:

This natural product contains about 3.5 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat, Vitamin E, manganese, vitamin B2, phosphorus and magnesium. All these components need to keep the body healthy. In some cases, these components help to keep away from multiple chronic diseases. In fact, playing a handful of almonds only 161 calories entered the body. As a result, eating this food does not have any fear of increasing weight.

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nuts are great. i love all kind of nuts :D

You're absolutely right. We all need supplements from these nuts with a lot of vitamins and minerals for our body's daily requirements. I do have several glass jars with almond, cashew, brazilian nuts, walnut, etc I often eat them after lunch or dinner.

Yeah, almonds every day!

I love nuts and fibres, especially from natural sources!

A great expository on health benefits of NUTS, especially Almond's But it could have been Better if it was devoid of the little faux pas as contained in the 3rd sentence of the first paragraph. Could Almonds be eating Nuts???

As usual , great scripturing from a reliable friend @rishan. Upvoted and resteemed.

I love nuts and granola esp almond but it's expensive.

Yeah its expensive, But it good for health also

Indeed. Time to earn more money from Steemit :D

Yeah....nuts are beneficial for various reason...Great source of protein.....Very helpful for bodybuilders to achieve their goals.

@rishan great information. What would you suggest as an alternative for someone who has allergies?

Hola @inmotionsuccess, si lo que quieres es remplazarlo por un alimento que contenga un contenido similar de grasa saludable y vitamina E,una muy buena opción es el aceite de oliva ya que esté posee aproximadamente el mismo contenido de vitamina E que las nueces, ademas, es muy simple de agregarlo en tu alimentación, puedes agregarlo en la preparación de ensaladas o en alguna otra receta, cabe destacar que más no siempre es mejor, así que utilízalo con moderación. Espero haberte sido de ayuda.

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Great job.

Thank You but, please read this after any major decision

another reason you shouldn't go nuts on nuts

(edit) and this from another source

are nuts and seeds healthy

Cheers fellow Steemians ;)

@rishan gud information

Ideal para cuando se hacen dietas

taste good and little expensive depending on the site

Is this also good for people whose undergoing of diet?

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nuts have a lot of health benefits, high in magnesium, calcium, protein, antioxidants, and phytosterols, omega 3 fats which are helping to control cholesterol...

This was an excellent post. I also love nuts love te photos

Gran aporte para todos aquellos que prefieren hábitos saludables como estilo de vida, más allá de todos los beneficios que escribiste, la razón por la cual las almendras reducen el padecimiento de la diabetes es por la fibra que contiene, ya que la fibra es un micronutriente fundamental para equilibrar los niveles de azúcar en sangre, hacen que aumente el espesor de la materia fecal de tal forma que se acelera el transito intestinal. Un saludo.
Soy nuevo en steemit pero @nutriestilodvida tiene mucho para aportar, estén atentos.

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I eat them very much Take the morning with milk I get power from him It also increases the brain @rishan

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Thank you for sharing this post! I have learned a lot from you!

Totally agree, thanks

Just wanted to say that this dose not apply to everyone. I am allergic to nuts so if I eat nuts I would not be having a healthy life I could die. But if I could I would :) Nice post though

nice post i love nuts they are the good source of protien and energy. Eat nuts regularly.

Useful info! Nuts and fruits are my daily snacks. Thank you for sharing.

Nice pic... Awesome . beautiful..


some great information on the benefits of regular nut consumption here. I have often heard them referred to as a powerful brain food.

Now all of this is great, assuming we don't eat too many of them :) lots of calories!

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