Comfort Food - How to Indulge in the Healthy Way

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Eating can be so emotional and when we feel like we need “comfort” from outside of ourselves we tend to grab candy, fatty meals and other junk food. At the end, we often feel worse than before, not having solved our problems but just added a upset stomach to our list.

A more mature, healthy way to deal with uncomfortable feelings and thoughts can be...

  1. to observe them from a neutral position
  2. to thank them for the lessons they’ve helped us to learn
  3. to decide if we need them any longer - and if not to let them go, de-attach fully.

You can use visualisation for that, imagining the feelings/thoughts as a cloud to leave your body and rise up into the air until you can’t see them anymore. Another method is so speak it out loud:

“Thank you, you’ve served me well. I don’t need you anymore,
I release you now.”

And in case this doesn’t work for you and you are almost grabbing that candy bar - make yourself a very delicious fruit meal instead. When our body feels great, it’s easier for our mind and emotions to follow and the challenges become easier to handle. Some healthy meal I like to have when feeling not my best is a fruit compote with warming spices - it tastes so indulgent while nourishing your body with its amazing fruity power.

You can find the recipe for this "Warming Fruit Compote" in my new ebook RAW VEGAN ABUNDANCE. You can download it right away and start creating your own healthy comfort foods.

Stay fruity, everyone! Anais

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Great way to start your day indeed

Starting strong, with all those powerful fruits :)

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