Citrus Fruits: A Healthy, Simple Habit with Powerful Effects

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Our vitality in life is the result of the power we have minus the obstructions.

You want to take a step towards a more vibrant life? Citrus fruits can be your new best friend. They have great astringent properties, that means they pull and constrict our tissue where toxins as well as excessive mucus is stored. Since citrus fruits increase our blood and lymph flow at the same time, they help to then discard those hindering substances. Check out the content by Dr. Robert Morse to dive deeper.


Since lemons are one of the most powerful astringents, I like to drink
a big jar of water with lemon juice every morning. It was a bit bitter the first few times but I started to love it really soon.

The world of citrus fruits is colorful - oranges, grapefruit, lime, tangerine, blood orange,... Find something that you love to eat (or drink as a juice) and make it part of your daily meals. To reap the most benefits you might want to eat them just by themselves as the first meal of your day.

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Have a juicy day, everyone! Anais

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