For all you guys and gals that want to lose weight, TRY KETO!

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For everyone out there kicking and screaming trying to lose a couple of pounds. Try the Keto diet! I was 220 6'0' 10 days ago and I am down to 209! That's 11 pounds in 10 days, no special or expensive foods to buy. It basically is a diet where you want to stay under 20 carbs a day! Giving up sodas, breads, pastas, most fruits and some other items. The secret to a Keto diet you can stay on, is learning recipes to substitute for some of those items you have to give up. This week, I made delicious pancakes with a base of cream cheese and protein powder (couldn't taste the difference, except the don't rise... looks more like a crape) I have made, ice cream, cheddar biscuits that taste like red lobster, let's just say I am not starving myself! And, still lost 11 pounds! It is a very healthy diet, that trains your body to start living off the excess fats stored in your body instead of all the carbs we consume everyday!

If you want to get a jump on that summer diet to fit into that bathing suit, GIVE THIS A TRY!!!!!

The link below is to the people that are the best in the business that will make your Keto way of life a lot easier!

This is not my website, but these people know what they are doing!!!!!!

I am going to start giving updates every couple of days on here how as my progress continues!

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KC looks like a great website, I'm going to look at it more in depth, especially the recipes and planning. My son has dropped from 330 to under 270 using keto. His whole life has changed and motivated me to use it to drop 20-25 lbs. Thank You for your post.


You will love some of their recipes!