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Hey guys,

I have something great to share with you and I believe it will be of great help to someone out there. These are matters of health so it's very important.


For common cold, wash and cut fresh ginger and add a pinch of cinnamon and boil.....once that's done, sieve d water into a cup, separating the ginger. Squeeze lemon into d water and add a teaspoon of honey to taste.... Take a cup morning and night.

Sore throat

Crush some garlic and mix it with warm water, take this until symptom clears. Garlic has antimicrobial properties which fights pain causing bacteria, while the warm water soothes the inflamed tissue

Mouth odour

Gargle a cup of warm lemon juice to kill the odour causing bacteria, then drink plain unsweetened yoghurt to neutralize the odour.

Foot odour

Onions are know for absorbing bacteria in moist environment... Places slices of onions under your feet and In between your toes, wear socks to keep them in place. Do this every night before going to bed and remove them in the morning... You Wil notice a change in colour of the Onion, this means it has worked....do this repeatedly until perfect result is achieved


Apply mayonnaise on the affected area, especially when its cold, this would help soothe the affected skin.


Get liden flower( lime tree flower), boil and sip...his stimulates hypothalamus and controls temperature, dialates blood vessels inducing sweating.


Oatmeal contains anti inflammatory properties which kills bacteria/fungi... Grind oatmeal into powder, mix to a paste with little water...apply this paste on affected areas..

Dry skin

Salt water has helped cured dry skin over the years, this helps rejuvenate the skin.

Stained teeth

This has been a problem mostly among adults, baking soda +lemon juice would help do the trick..pour a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup, squeeze lemon into the cup and mix, fetch this mixture with your toothbrush and use it on your teeth after your normal brushing... Leave for 5 to 10 mins...rinse off....continue daily (once daily) until desired result is achieved


Wash fresh ginger in hot water, strain and cut into small chunks, place in ice cube trays and freeze....suck them tru out the day... Helps during pregnancy and after surgery.


Eat lots of apples.. Sweet Apples are considered alkaline foods that works at a cellular level to restore PH.

Puffy eyes

Place cold slices of cucumber over the eyes , cucumber contains 95%of water , a nice cooling sensation to the eyes reduces inflammation and constricts blood vessels.


Place a cube of sugar underneath your tongue, that way your vagus nerve is stimulated and helps control your diaphragm and stomach from undergoing series of spasms causing hiccups.


This recommendations are from a doctor friend to me. I am not a doctor and I don't intend to be one. I am sharing this because I believe it can be of help to someone out there. But everything here can be completely ignored!!!!

Thanks for reading.

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