Don't put on your skin what you wouldn't put in your mouth <3

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It has become quite fashionable to check the ingredients of the food we eat before we buy it. Many people are aware of legal toxins infused into our "food" - things like artificial sweeteners, "taste enhancers" like MSG or even antibiotics found in mass-produced meat and dairy products.

But while I welcome the idea that people are getting more conscious about the things they put in their mouths I find myself stunned at how the same diligence isn't applied to things we regularly put on our skin. At least for the majority of people I see shopping for cosmetics.


A full-body mouth

We don't have iron skin that is impregnable. On the contrary, our skin is a gateway between our inner body and the world outside of it. This gateway works both ways - we sweat and bleed through the skin to the outside, but the skin also allows particles and substances to enter the body. Which should not come as news to most people who ever used natural oils on their skin to heal swollen ankles or things like nicotin patches to get their daily dose of nicotine without smoking cigarettes.

How crazy is it then that we regularly spray things into our armpits that are loaded with chemicals or heavy metals we would never ever tolerate in our food?

The idea is quite simple: If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin!

Anything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our system - and with rapid speed. The lymphnotes are very close to our armpits, and deodorants that we spray onto that part of our body can enter our system even faster because the skin there is even more porous than the skin in most other places on our body.

Just because your deodorant is not encountered by your taste buds or your stomach doesn't make it alright to have it in your body. The content of the spray will enter our system and will be fought by our natural defense mechanisms and organs - just like any other toxin.


Don't get me wrong, I am the greatest advocates of deliberate intoxication now and then ;) This article refers to regular, heavy, daily use ;)

Is it really a surprise then that cancer rates have gone up so high in recent decades with the incredible rise of the chemical industry? If we have made a habit of spraying things we would never ever put in our mouths onto our porous skin on a daily basis, you might as well start smoking or drinking half a bottle of wine every day.

The route of admission with oral consumption is different yes, but in the end, the toxins will enter our system both ways. And the readiness of deodorant-apostels to claim that "people smell bad without it" really goes to show how much these laboratory products have become part of our regular mode of existence.

I used to be the biggest fan of deodorant myself, but as I will describe in an upcoming floor lesson, deodorants are likely one of the biggest causes of body odor, not the solution to it. If you really believe you need to spray your body daily with several different chemicals you would never voluntarily eat, I dare you to stop using these products for only a week and have people smell you vs. them smelling you the day after you have used deodorant or eaten at a fast food restaurant.


You can shower using mere water, and if your diet doesn't include a whole array of toxins you will see that these products don't make you smell better, but in fact only cover up the smell of your sweat trying to get rid of these toxins.

If you want to explore this idea further you don't need to go cold turkey and stop using all cosmetic products today, but maybe use a holiday to go without these extra toxins for a few days and you will see that far from stinking you actually smell amazing once your body has finally gotten a chance to rid itself of these chemicals - instead of reloading the toxins back into your system everyday like we have all been taught is normal.

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Thanks for stopping by <3


I also learnt, not too long ago, that produce like coconut oil/ cream, lemon and olive oil, to name a few, are awesome and natural replacements. And let's not forget to drink loads of water ;>)

tested coconut oil throroughly, have it with me every summer at ozora.
it washes off rather easily but if you are not partying all day in water fountains it sure is a great replacement for sunscreen, as well as for toothpaste, butter and frying oil.

This is good advice!

Most people would disagree but I agree ahahah.
Thank you

Yes. The skin is the largest organ and needs to be taken care of daily. It makes me sad to see so many people neglect this important health care. People are now realizing, too, that the tanning beds should be used very cautiously.

I agree, skin is life ;)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts quiplet <3

What you are saying is worth trying for sure, but for example what about sunscreen?

I need protection from the sun because my skin is very white and I turn red easily, but I wouldn't put that sunscreen in my mouth? :P

I've got the same 'problem', I get a sunburn easily.

I am sure there are natural alternatives, but they don't protect you against intense sun. Then again, it's never a good idea to spend too much time in the sun, with or without sunscreen. I believe moderation, as is the case with everything, is key.

Or you could try mud ;>)

P.S. Most sunscreen is full of crap and my face doesn't like it

As Vincent put it sunscreen really is not a great way to protect yourself. It does work for protecting against sunburns yes, but the stuff that's in most lotions is totally questionable. I really don't want to seed fear or worry, but it is worth looking into the hazard potential of sunscreen, there is a lot of info available.

Coconut oil works wonders for me. You smell like a piece of delicious candy, wasps and bees leave you alone and it works. Unless lots of water is involved - it washes off rather easily.

Moderation is a great idea as Vincent said. More than that: give your body time to adjust. If you amp up the time in the sun every day by a few minutes you will not sunburn so easily.

I am a pale dude as well, but it does work for me to increase my exposure steadily.
Mud of course is the best protection but socially inaccepted to run around with in MOST places ;)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I heard this saying before and I totally agree with it. These days I don't use deodorant, no shampoo, I shower with water only, no skin creme or whatsoever. As I am hypersensitive to all kind of stuff, I soon found out that I felt better when I didn't use anything over using chemicals and I definitely don't smell worse these days.

P.S. I used to use all kind of crap. What boy doesn't go through an AXE period? I used loads of different gels and waxes and whatever in my hear for years and also eau de cologne, for a while, but did it make me feel good, not really.

Totally agreed, ahahaha the AXE phase, right! I never really loved the smell but I used it for years on end.

Since I stopped showering with shower gel regularly my hair has been much healthier and less greasy. I smell good without the chemicals. that said, I'll sometimes still use deodorant and shower gel, but that's super rare these days, and always for the convenience of other people (when riding on a train for a long time or something like that.)

I feel much better knowing all that stuff doesn't need to be worked through by my kidneys and liver, and the body can handle mostly anything if we don't constantly use it on a day-to-day basis. As you said, moderation is key!

Cheers my friend

I copy almost everything you say. Perhaps my luck is my hyperreactivity, as it tells me immediately what isn't good for my body. Something that doesn't seem to be the case with some people. Either that or they just totally ignore it.

this is interesting for sure. I dont know how I would sell this to my ultra clean wifey dear. She cant get by without showering 2x a day.
I think she wouldn't let me near her without a pole, a long 5m pole!
However what you are saying makes sense, and I do think there is a correlation to the health issues we have and the chemicals that are being ingested daily.

Thanks and good luck with the process

cheers for your feedback!
ye ever since meeting awesome chicks covered in mud I go for that variety - perfume clouds turn me off majorly these days and it's incredible how finely tuned the sense of smell becomes for others' cosmetic habits once I no longer have a cloud around me myself.

Time for a water shower now ;)
Cheers again dude

LOL yes go have a COLD water shower!
I swear I'm gonna try this

I haven't used soap on my armpits in a couple of years and I don't really stinkk even when working outside on a hot day. You are right that it takes the body a few days or longer to reestablish the proper bacteria that don't smell so bad.

Yes! It's also a prime reason to work in a garden where going barefoot comes naturally.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts my friend

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