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Are you looking for a cheat sheet healthy living? if so then you can by these simple tips.

  1. Zap stress: the biggest issue with women is having a lot on mind and want to cope up with all. However it is good to know that stress have some health issues which include depression, heart disease, anxiety and infertility.As a woman find the best method for you to reduce stress.

2.Stop dieting: most women think that eating healthy foods will keep them fit.But in one case or another dont stress yourself by avoiding what you love most. if you are a chocolate lover , then don't eat too much but instead mix it with smart carbs, lean proteins, fiber and healthy fats.

  1. Don't take more calcium: be careful while taking calcium because if you absorb more of it, it will increase the risk of having heart disease and kidney failure .If you are less then 50 years, only take 1,000 milligrams and over 50 years it is recommended to take 1,200 milligrams per day.
  2. Do cardio: women must know that doing cardio help in weight resistance. every woman is supposed to exercise atleast 3 times per week. This help in preventing cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.exercise also help in promoting self- image which is very important to every woman mental health.

great work keep it up

Nice tips. Will show this to my sisters. We'll done.

yes just let her know keeping fit is a choice🌝🌝

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Great tips

Nice tips!! We really need to be taking care of our health.

Hospitals and doctors are not really an option!

yes not always relay on medicine while we can do it naturally

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