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Hey Guys! Hope you saw my post yesterday on the Contagious Cancer Virus because today, I want to talk more about it. There is sooo much I want to share and discuss here on Steemit that is very relevant to the ill health and cancer epidemic plaguing our world right now.


Simian Virus 40 under a microscope

Simian Virus 40’s link to cancer, an in-depth look

As I mentioned previously, SV40, or Simian virus #40, is a cancer-causing monkey virus first discovered in the polio vaccine in 1960. Dr. Bernice Eddy was supposedly the first to discover SV40 in the polio vaccine but often, Dr. Maurice Hilleman gets credit for this because he, too, was one of the first people to make the discovery.

Since the discovery of SV40 in the polio vaccine, researchers and people across the globe have been concerned about the impact of the SV40 virus on the health of mankind, except the government, that is. I will breach the subject of the government's lack of concern about SV40 in a later post but today, I want to talk more about SV40's link to cancer.

(If you’ve never heard of Simian Virus 40, my last post talks more about it:
The Contagious Cancer Virus – Do You Have it?)

Important Facts About SV40


Since studies have not been done to see SV40’s impact on the human body long-term, we don’t have many answers right now. But here's what we do know:

a) SV40 has been found in the cancerous tumors of patients with lung, brain, bone, lymph node, and thyroid cancers.

b) SV40 induces brain cancer, bone cancer, mesotheliomas, and lymphomas in lab animals.


Simian Virus 40 Discovered in Human Cancers


The studies:


Mesothelioma, a lung cancer, is just one of the types of cancer found to contain the SV40 virus. The studies: 2 3

Brain cancers

In one study that focused on brain cancers, SV40 DNA sequences were discovered in 188 out of 516 human brain tumors, slightly over 36%. 4

A study that found SV40 in these brain cancers:

Anaplastic Astrocytoma




Two studies that found SV40 in these brain cancers:


Choroid plexus papilloma





Pituitary Adenoma

6, 7

Bone cancers

(Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s Tumors)

This study showed 35% osteosarcomas and Ewing's tumors had traces of SV40.

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL)

These two separate studies identified this virus in over 40% of the non-Hodgkins lymphomas they tested:
9, 10

Thyroid cancers

(Papillary thyroid carcinomas and Anaplastic thyroid carcinomas (ATC)

This study’s findings revealed 19 out of 29 (66%) papillary thyroid carcinomas; 18 out of 20 (90%) medullary thyroid carcinomas; and 20 out of 20 (100%) anaplastic thyroid carcinomas contained SV40-like sequences. (Table 2) 11

Why everyone exposed to SV40 does not develop cancer (the theory)

So, if SV40 is a cancer-causing virus, millions of people worldwide would have gotten cancer, right?

There were a huge number of people, just between 1954 and 1963, inoculated with the polio vaccine (at least 98 million Americans and about 8.6 million Canadians). Therefore, some people might point to how they all didn’t get cancer as a way to say the contaminated polio vaccine is not something we should be concerned about.

It is believed that 30 million Americans or more could have gotten exposed to SV40 but an exact figure is unknown since scientists don't know how much of the polio vaccines was contaminated. 12

Indeed, most people’s immune systems may have been healthy enough to fight off the SV40 virus and so that could suggest why they didn’t all develop tumors. After all, that’s what the immune system’s job is… to fight off infections from viruses and bacteria.

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Is Simian Virus 40 Just a Harmless Virus?

The government has presumed Simian Virus 40 harmless to humans but what do you think? The SV40 virus contaminated the early polio vaccines and was given to over 100 million people between 1954 and 1963. Do you believe it’s possible the contamination of the polio vaccine with SV40 played a role in the spread of cancer?

A possible link between Polio Vaccine and Cancer

Polio vaccinations started in 1954 during a time when mesothelioma was almost unknown. But not long after polio vaccinations began, the incidence of mesothelioma steadily started increasing. Is this a coincidence?



Mesothelioma is a rarer form of cancer, like brain cancer, but these and other forms of cancer, in general, keep rising with each passing year.

"The peak age range for diagnosis of mesothelioma is 50 to 70 years. Some researchers have pointed out that this issue may remain unresolved until more of the people accidentally exposed to SV40 between 1955 and 1963 reach that age range." ( 14

But it's not just cancer that's been on the rise after the mass vaccinations programs started, autoimmune conditions and autism have too, points out Neil Z. Miller, a vaccine investigator. [15], [16]

Who is most vulnerable to Simian Virus 40?


Dr. Daniel John Bergsagel, a pediatric oncologist, believes it is those with impaired or undeveloped immune systems, like in babies, the unborn, or young, that are most likely affected by the virus. But he also has pointed out (in all fairness), that just because SV40 has been found in cancer tumors doesn’t necessarily prove it causes it outright. It certainly raises suspicions. Whether it is a co-factor to cancer or a direct cause is still being questioned.

Dr. Bergsagel reached these conclusions after conducting his own tests in which he found SV40 DNA in rare childhood brain cancers. In Dr. Bergsagel’s study, 10 out of 20 choroid plexus tumors and 10 out of 11 ependymomas tested positive for SV40. (Table 1) 17

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hope you enjoyed this post, or it at least stimulated your brain;) I am very passionate about health, and am on a constant journey to explore any knowledge I can on the subject. Some of the information I write about is controversial but those are also the topics that need more discussion - and that's my goal, to open up discussions here on Steemit.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


1, 2, 3,
4, 5


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[15](Miller NZ: Immunization: Theory vs Reality. New Atlantean Press, Santa Fe, 1996)

[16](Miller NZ: Immunizations: The People Speak! New Atlantean Press, Santa Fe, 1996)


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