How To Bring A Change To Your Mind And Kill Depression!

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How Can We Fight Against depression?

Hello Everyone Hope All Are Doing Good!

Depression nowadays is one of the common problem for almost 80% people in the world,About depression comes to my mind that how people are suffering from this because i have my close friends who are without Job,Some are very poor and they are suffering that how to manage the expenses of Home and family, they are too much worried about how to manage the future life.

I have decide to make a post about how can we cure depression,My intention is not to make any suggestion to anyone but How much i am helping my friends and family with i am going to share my own experience!

Never loss hope,As everyone believe that getting frustrated and taking tension will never ever solve any problems that come to you Along the way and you will never get well by thinking about how you will get out of the problems, the only thing if you stop worrying about the problem and you start Hard work and you fight to the problem that is something you need to Do in your life!

About Depression:

There are A lot of theories and treatment are available to treat depression and how you can get rid of Depression on the internet , But i am here to explain the Simple steps not to get any treatment clinically why you want to use medication for a problem which is directly related just to your thoughts and not to you body problem!

You can take some care of your self and you will get rid of depression by yourself it is some thing in your hands not Related to some sort of medication,Medication will give you lots of side affects which will further make more problems for you in the near future!

What i am explaining here is the important part for your treatments by yourself!

First how you feel that you are depressed Or not?

There are some point you should read and check by yourself that you are having these problems or not?

  • If you are thinking too much and you are not feeling happy and your mood is always sad.
  • Your sleeping pattern is not on time some time you sleep more than your required sometimes you want to sleep and you are not able to get rest and your mind is having too much to think about.
  • You are feeling like you are very weak and you are having tiredness .
  • You are always in trouble that what you are doing is right or wrong and you are not getting to any result that you are doing right thing that is the main problem you are having in your mind always which make you sick minded.
  • You think that how life can be ended soon or you want to end your life by your self that is the reason you should know that you are in depression NOW!

Depression Easy Solution:


What Comes to your mind which make you in force to think about it you should discuss that to your close friend whom you think that he will give you a friendly suggestion and will help you to solve that problem in easy way.


Secondly when you know that you are not in a mood to solve anything just try to focus on something else which will make your mind run in a different direction and you will be out of that thoughts for a while which will rest your head from the problem you are getting depressed .


Spend Much of the time with your family and friends by which you will be busy and you will not focus on your problem and if possible go to a near park or walking ground where you will have a nice chat to your friends and you will spend more of the time with your friends.


When ever you think about one thing you should focus that you are able to do this work or you just wasting your time then go and stick to that work never loss hope that you have no strength to do that work when you keep your self busy in a work you will get out of depression.

About Me: I am an official First Aid Trainee officer At PRCS ( Pakistan Red crescent)
Thanks For your time Steem On Stay Blessed.


Thanks for your post. It is true that depression can become a pattern that is easier to wallow in then to do something about, but I also believe that some people do need medication to help motivate their 'hope'. Basically, it isn't always possible to find the strength, motivation and clear-mindedness to beat depression alone.
Having said that, one still needs to work at changing their mind-set and attitude towards other people if they are on anti-depressants or mood-stabilizers, and the steps you suggest will be a great help to a lot of people.

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IMO, if you actually have depression, like for real, then you cannot just treat it like that, by following your "Depression Easy Solution".

Maybe if you are going through a rough patch and you just feeling sad and demotivated, then yeah, doing what you wrote will help.

While it could also help truly depressed people it definitely wouldn't be enough. Sometimes medication and therapists are needed and that's still not something that will just cure you easily and immediately. It's not that simple.

Still, I guess, following your so-called solution, could be helpful and it is a nice way to start slowly "curing" your depression.

But there are a lot of different situations and variables.
What if someone doesn't actually have a good family or anyone close to talk to? What if depression has ruined that persons' life and opportunities to improve as a person and now, made it just really hard to do anything, to start communicating and building relationships?

I believe, if some truly depressed people read your post, they would just be outraged by it or would just laugh at it.

At least you sound like a nice, positive person and you said that you are not actually trying to make any suggestions about how to cure depression, though it does actually kinda seem like you do.

Anyway, sorry for my rambling.
I'm done.

The best cure for depression is finding something you enjoy and spending time doing it everyday =D


Depression is : when u smile...tears roll down because your heart and soul knows you are faking it every time!

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