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5 tips on how to loose weight without working out!

in health •  last year

I have lost more than 20% of my body weight (35lbs of fat) since january of this year!! I know it sounds crazy hard but its really not, anyone can do it as long as you stick with it. I would say these are all common sense tips but in todays society we have been lied to by advertisement so much that we don't know whats real and whats not! If you do these five things and stick with them, it will help you to lose weight. And the best part is you can combine them with any diet you choose or if you are just wanting to start somewhere on your weightloss journey these 5 tips apply regardless and they're FREE!

    I know this sounds like a no brainer but people have a real difficult time giving up fast food because it is ADDICTIVE and so convienent. Truth is everyone knows how terrible this "food" is for you but they constantly make up excuses as to why they are eating it (its fast, its easy, i dont have time to cook) STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Tell yourself the truth everytime you drive by one, say outloud "THIS IS POISIN AND ITS SLOWLY KILLING ME AND MAKING ME FAT." This stuff is not food anymore, it will do nothing good for your body! Stop getting fooled by it. Know whats also convienent, not dying from a heart attack!

    I can't even begin to express how terrible soda is for your body! And once again most people know this but nobody cares. It is definitely a huge contributor to our diebetes, overweight and health issues in america but nobody wants to do anything about it. This is literally killing people daily and no one thinks about it because it taste good!?! Thats dumb! You can not loose weight if you drink these sugary drinks regularly, its Impossable. If you really feel the need for something sweet then drink some all natural juice, a small portion 6 to 8 oz to curb that sweet tooth, but dont over do it because its still filled with sugar.

    Water is one of the most essential needs for life! Think about it, we can go months without food (maybe longer) and not die, but we can't go more than a few days, at most a week without water. But getting people to drink water is like pulling teeth because everyone is addicted to the sweet factor of the energy drinks, sodas, sport drinks and now even juices are slammed with extra sugars and sweetners. I try to drink atleast a half gallon of water a day, that keeps me hydrated and also keeps me from snacking through out the day without getting hungry. You can also drink a glass of water before meals to help fill you without over eating. Or chug a glass of water instead of having a snack! Water can help on so many levels with weight loss its crazy, water even helps with digestion!! Just make sure to drink good filtered water 😉

    This doesn't seem like it would help much but let me tell you otherwise! When i started all of these things I didn't work out at all. I didn't have the motivation to and I wasn't in the right mindset, but I knew I had to move daily to feel better so I started with just 1.5 mile walk once a day (now i walk 6). Walking is/was great for me because it uses a lot of muscles in the body but it doesnt really seem like much work to walk. It gets your blood flowing, your muscles working, your mind moving and helps with stress and digestion. It really is amazing how good walking makes you feel, do your body and mind a favor and go for a walk everyday!

    I always hear how expensive organic food is, whenever I try to get people to eat healthier. The truth is, it's worth every penny. It cost more because it is REAL food, good things cost more. This is one thing you should never comprimise on, its your health! I remember my mom saying to me "you are what you eat" when I was a kid. She didn't mean I was going to turn into a candy bar, she meant as good as that candy bar is, you cant properly sustain life on it, it will make you unhealthy and sick if you constantly eat it. This is also true for ALL processed foods, they may taste amazing, but those "foods" are destroying your body and they aren't meant to live on. I also remember people saying things like "know where your food comes from" and "don't take candy from strangers." But we don't hear those sayings anymore because we have grocery stores, so now its just crazy to question how our beef and chicken is raised (which is disgustingly inhumane for the most part) or where our apples come from (china if u shop at walmart) because its packaged pretty with some stamp saying its ok to eat?!?! Truth is, you should know your farmer, grow your own veggies (if you can) and know where the food that your putting in your mouth is coming from everyday!!! It's not ok to assume its safe and healthy because the packaging told you so, or because you bought it at a store! The body is like an engine, food is the fuel. If you put bad fuel into a good engine it doesn't run at top performance, do that for years on end and you'll end up with all kinds of engine problems. Yes organic food is a bit more expensive, but doctors visits and health problems cost way more. Do your body a favor and give it clean food, I can't describe how much better I feel since I started clean eating, its truely amazing!

    As each day passes you will have a little more energy and feel like you want to do a little bit more, eventually you may wake up and want to go to a gym because you know how good it feels to be in shape Remember, it took a long time to put that weight on, it will take a long time for it to come off healthy, but if you stick with it your will succeed!

Good luck on your weight loss journey and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or comments! Peace, love, and all that hippy shit! ✌

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