Abs? How to get them

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When it comes to abs they're something we all desire to have.


I went years without any results unfortunately learning the hard way how to get results.

Trial and error, endless sit-ups but still no results.

It's not until I became educated on food intake when the results showed.
How to control excess fat, Hormones, holding water, bloating, heart burn, fatigue, cortisol levels.. and so on.

These all play a huge part in your body's composition.

Luckily enough these ALL can be cured and manipulated by food!

Excess fat - drop out saturated fats with a healthy diet (more to it obviously.

Excess water - as silly as it sounds drink more water and get hormones in balance.

Hormones - organic foods and high fatty foods (good fats!) fish, almonds. (Broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and bok choy 'may' also fight excess estrogen to lower the risk for breast cancer.

Bloating and heartburn - pickled foods like sauerkraut. Pineapple. Honey.

Fatigue and cortisol levels - these can be suppressed by a health diet such as vegetables, complex carbs, high protein foods. And rest!!!

Diet is the most important thing to exposing abs, everyone has them! They're just hidden u der excess fat!

I rarely train abs but focus on a healthy body fat percentage instead!

Remember I used to be very overweight so it's possible ;)

Hope these little tips help!

Note: this is all an opinion and a qualified dietician should be seen before any diet changes.

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Couldn't agree with you more. Abs are the "mecca" so many struggle with and for me always seems to come naturally (as they say) but in truth was related more to my diet than exercise. These kinds of post should really be written in a "take action" style (Swap this food for that, and see the change) for people to get motivated. Great Post! Upvoted


what is your take on superfoods? I am very curious about them but also suspicous because of all the marketing.


in addition of a good diet of course not to counter a bad one


Super foods definitely are great, mainly because they have so much vitamins and minerals packed into such a small quantity however this can still be substituted through a healthy diet with regular healthy foods.
Marketing definitely has worked and with that comes an expensive price tag.

Damn you're ripped @mattyjbfitness :o)


Haha thankyou

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