IngestVitamin C every 4 to 5 hours

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Vitamin C frequently

Let's take it every 4 to 5 hours

For beauty and health

Intake of vitamin C is important

Vitamin C is synthesized by collagen synthesis

Melanin production

There is work to suppress

Estimated intake of vitamin C is

100 mg a day

Effect on a beautiful body

If you want

2000 milligrams a day

(200 lemon)

I would like to take

Vitamin C is easily soluble in water

It will not accumulate in the body

2000 milligrams

Even if you take it at once

Over half will be wasted

Not only from food

We also use supplements

Every 4 to 5 hours

Let's take it.


  * ɞϊɞ * ✲ ゚ * .# Cream Watermelon * ɞϊɞ * ✲ ゚ *. *

But isn't it better to eat fruits rather than taking supplements?

Yes, that is the best. Thank you very much 🍇

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