Steemians Please Help! Cut The Cost Of Prescription Drugs Overnight. By Gregory Mannarino

in health •  2 years ago


As many of you know who follow my work, I practiced medicine for 20 years.
During that time as a healthcare provider on the front lines of medicine, I know how hard it is for some people to afford their medications. I also know that this "marketing of drugs" to the general public has devastating consequences. The fallout for children and young people who are constantly bombarded by drug companies ads pushing the idea that "drugs are good" leads to addiction.

Please share this/cut/copy paste the image I made above.

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Gregory Mannarino

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Absolutely! Our medical system is completely unjust and degenerating to society as a whole.

There is no free market! I agree on all levels we need to stop the madness 😡

Great point and thank you for the pic to be shared around.


The entire racket known as healthcare in the united States is not about wellness,
in its entirety, it is all about PROFITS! And US Americans pay more for
coverage and get horrible results. Then there are terms like "iatrogenocide".
Please read Iatrogenocide: "Mass Murder by Medicine":
We're #1 all right.

Upvoted and resteemed my friend. Total agree with you, way to much of this on tv and advertising. If they would just cut the advertising cost they could lowers the price.

The problem is that the system is built this way, big pharma needs it's profits!
But I do agree with you Greg, lets stop this madness together!

Wow thanks for sharing some background. And thanks for making a stand. You have a powerful voice on youtube and Steemit so thank you for promoting a good cause with that voice.

This is part of what I call the American Disease Machine, a system that profits by managing the disease that it creates by selling us junk food and toxic consumer products.

In may ways it's worse than the bankster cartel because it makes us sick and subservient.

Thanks for bringing attention to this Gregory, you're a hero.

I'm still not used to seeing perscription drugs advertised on TV. For one, I don't watch TV much, and when I did, there were no such ads.

Love this, will share.

Thanks Marketreport. My kids are gone and I do not watch appointment TV. What can I do? Traderdad

Totally agree, the advertisements for possibly deadly drugs(They always state horrible side effects) is out of hand to say the least.

Let's ALL stop paying for cable!!!

OK... upvoted and re-steemed!!!

Hmm. Just hearing the list of side affects after they try to sell it is enough to stop anyone in their mind from even considering asking for i t.

Yes, no alcohol and cigarette ads but drugs no problem on TV. It's rich when at the end of the drug ad they site all the side affects, including death as the participants in the ad smile away.


Thank you for the up vote G.M.

Agree totally.

Yeah it is really sad that we allow drug companies to bombard people ignorant about medicine with constant ads. Most people cant reasonably determine whether they need medication or not.
Resteemed and Upvoted!

Prescription drugs TV ads are somewhat of a non sense : they promote drug use.

The 'common cold' doesn't seem to be all that common, any more. It is disappearing in the same way that 'common sense' is.

The common response to a 'common cold', these days, is to swallow a pill and let the drugs do the work that your body should be able to handle on its own.

I have lived in South East Asia for the last 15 years.... i can buy most drugs direct from the pharmacy without prescription .... at a tiny percent of the cost in the western world ... the amount of markup on some of the drugs in the west is obscene !!!

Have upvoted and resteemed. This post showed a totally new side of you to me.
Reading and watching your posts since years now, I've never heard of you practicing medicine, but totally agree with you.

John D Rockefeller chanded the direction of medical education to benefit his oil cartel. He influenced how medicine is taught and as a result, the natural remedies were replaced with oil based drugs.

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I respect you more every day Greg. I had no idea you used to be an M.D. I bet if you went back to it now you'd really shake things up :)

Yes, commonsense. I don't like any drug. I will use food as my medicine. Mostly the food my own garden. Thanks Greg.

Have you ever noticed what is happening to our kids with all these drugs. On the one hand cocaine is very bad but methylphenidate (ritalin) is good even though the effects are very similar. For cocaine we put people in jail for ritalin well we hand it out in school. crazy world. Perhaps we need for everyone to have a holistic MD as a primary physician where medication is the tool of last resort. Bringing down the demand should bring down the cost.

Hey Greg, in Australia we have a system that is called PBS or Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, my understanding of how the scheme works is. The Australian Government buys all the the drugs that needs a doctors prescription to be accessed and by doing so get a massive bulk buyer discount from the drug companies. By getting the drugs at a huge discount we pay anything from a couple of dollars if your a pensioner up to something like $50 if your working person for some of the most expensive drugs. I'll give you the link if you want to know more. cheers;jsessionid=gv4pemsswkn91jwpwbb42oz58

finally a voice of reason and many replies with common sense. I see these ads on Youtube also. We shouldn't be subjected to them from the corrupt pharma industry. I know people who have been seriously injured by some of these drugs and yet they continue to sell them.

As some one who is still practicing medicine I have seen the cost of meds go up exponentially since the ACA was enacted. Not to say it wasn't bad prior to it. I get one of my meds from Canada since its cost is half of what my co pay is and 1/8 of the full cost here. Patients are going without and we are seeing less in the way of samples to help those who cannot afford their meds. I have been telling many patients to start looking to get some of their meds from Canada. All sides of the political establishment should be held responsible for this as well as the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Time the people started holding their representatives accountable.

Totally agree... prevention is better than cure. In both America and Singapore, healthcare are among the top 50 largest companies. Says a lot about the profits they made...

Good info regarding drugs. This will only enrich those drug manufacturers at the expense of the patients. Why not try the natural way of treating ailments which is the most effective way. There are alot of ways to find out.

Big Pharma's New Motto...No Pain...No Gain...that's how these VULTURES think.

Thank you for sharing, you are a gem!!!

Yes, this is so true. We are an over medicated society, and especially so when prescribing drugs to young children for ADD/ADHD - many who could be treated by changes in diet or other non-drug therapies. Thanks for posting this.