Slowly improving and a big part has been Steemit

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Im happy to report that Im slowly starting to see the light at the end of my long dark tunnel, a big part of feeling better has been thanks to a much improved version of me on Steemit or at least thats what the numbers are telling me.

It has been dificult to formulate quality content since my separation Ive tried but minus a few exceptions they were not succesfull posts.

What has happened this last week on Steemit with @mallorcaman you ask?

  • 67 new followers in 5 days Total of 567 at time of posting.
  • Ive been engaging other posts more with better more relevant comments
  • Wrote 16 posts with an average total revenue of 23.8$ so a total of 381$

My self esteem is still quite low and I dont exactly feel like a new person but whats important is that I continue to slowly put my life back in order and making succesfull posts helps both financially ( still unemployed ) and emotionally. I have been spending more time in front of my screen of course but its a healthy way to focus and recover.

I just want to take this oportunity to thank each and every one of you that has been there with your good advice, your cheerfull encouraging replies, and your constant support. 

I think we are all quite lucky to be a part of such an amazing community, people that have mostly never met interacting, upvoting and creating ways to make Steemit even Bigger.

For Retweets visit this link =

All upvotes, follows, Resteems and comments very much apreciated


I'm really happy to hear that you're doing better!

Thank you for all the support you've given me and my blog!!! :D


Good to see you smiling! :-) I'm glad you're doing better and happy Steemit is part of the reason!

Its a big part of the reason , I think this is very positive. Maybe I can inspire others who are having a hard time to engage and post more to help them to recover whatever they lost in life. Thanks for visiting my blog @kenny-crane

i find that being productive on something (even writing/blogging) is more positive than falling down that pit of depression. it can be hard to focus at times and can feel like a battle but if you keep battling through you can get a great side effect from it, being more organized, determined rubs off elsewhere i find. best of luck with everything!

Yeah I completely agree with what you replied there, I guess I had to hit rock bottom to find the right time to stand up on my own two feet again. Wishing you a fantastic positive day!

i think these things are sent as a test. each test can be a challenge and you choose to accept the challenge or fold. we sometimes fold but we always come back around to it. we just always have to recognized when something is a challenge instead of driving to drive through it like a bull in a china shop, sometimes time is the only preperation to take on the challenge - if that's blogging on steemit, so be it! :)

thank you for sharing @mallorcaman

Good luck and glad to hear you see the light, this is important, upvoted, steem on!

Thanks @uwelang It feels nice to finally begin being positive about life in general :)

Happy steeming !

Awesome glad to see your doing better ! Best of luck to you ! 👍👍👍

Thanks Karen, It can only get better from here. Have a super day my Canadian friend!

You are so right ! Steem on my friend !👍👍👍

Yea Bud with ya!

mallorcaman Peter Lorenzo tweeted @ 12 Jun 2017 - 09:04 UTC

Slowly improving and a big part has been Steemit — #Steemit… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Good job man. Just keep steeming on.

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