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RE: Slowly improving and a big part has been Steemit

in #health6 years ago

i find that being productive on something (even writing/blogging) is more positive than falling down that pit of depression. it can be hard to focus at times and can feel like a battle but if you keep battling through you can get a great side effect from it, being more organized, determined rubs off elsewhere i find. best of luck with everything!


Yeah I completely agree with what you replied there, I guess I had to hit rock bottom to find the right time to stand up on my own two feet again. Wishing you a fantastic positive day!

i think these things are sent as a test. each test can be a challenge and you choose to accept the challenge or fold. we sometimes fold but we always come back around to it. we just always have to recognized when something is a challenge instead of driving to drive through it like a bull in a china shop, sometimes time is the only preperation to take on the challenge - if that's blogging on steemit, so be it! :)

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