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Are You A Warrior or a Worrier?

What is depression? What causes it? What can we do about it? I want to share what I have learned from over fifteen years of conquering my demons. I've even befriended some of them.

I get a thrill out of helping people and making people laugh, so I thought I might share my experience, and maybe it will help some of you. In my opinion, there is still a stigma attached to depression. Very few people want to acknowledge it, until it is far too late. Fortunately, I am like a sledgehammer. I enjoy breaking barriers and talking about the things we should never talk about.

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Yet, I digress. Here is a link to the introduction if you would like to read that first: Do You Feel Disconnected Lately?

Sneak Preview: The Upcoming Chapters will include:

  • Make New Friends - Rediscover Communication
    Let's face it, most of your friends are assholes. How many of them have let you down, betrayed you or just weren't there for you when you needed them most? Yet you continue to allow them back in your life? Learn how to delete them. It is time for a clean slate!

  • Foodie!
    Step away from the fridge! Yes, sensible nutrition is crucial to mental and physical wellness. Don't worry! You'll be surprised how easy it is to eat a little better.

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  • Shift Focus
    This one is rather involved, and it's the hardest concept to grasp. If you survive it you will benefit greatly. I did. I figured I should try to simplify it as much as possible and refer to it throughout the other chapters. It's also a great way to make my posts look long and important, instead of just posting one pic and shouting, Hey, Upvote meee!

  • Bag of Tricks
    Do you believe in magic? I developed a bag of magic tricks that helped me quite a bit. Rather than ignore the paranormal, why not embrace it? Stop pretending you didn't see that large shadow creep across your bedroom wall the other night. Kidding. You're going to enjoy this chapter.

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  • Be Selfish
    It is time for you to start caring about yourself. Depression is not like a broken leg that you can point to. No one cares about your depression. This is probably my favorite chapter. Being selfish for awhile can be good for you!


  • Explore Your Inner Liberal
    We all have it. Our "inner liberal" is the compassionate baby Jesus or Buddha within us. Remember, the revolution will be a conscious evolution.

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  • Give a fuck
    Do something! Of all the things that crush our spirit as a species on planet Earth, apathy is the number one cancer facing humanity today. All life on earth is affected by human apathy. Since the 1960's ended, over 98% of human beings suffer from apathy. No one gives a fuck anymore. I made up all my own statistics for this chapter. You're gonna love it!

  • Thought Control
    Sings: We don't need no education... but we do need to control our own thoughts. Learn How to Stop Racing Thoughts! I'll show you how I learned to become a Master of My Own Mind. You will also learn how to become your own thought police! You might even earn a badge at this end of this lesson, which is good for talking your way out speeding tickets. Cops love this one!

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  • Laugh More
    I am sure we have all heard the phrase, Laughter is the Best Medicine, right? That is why I asked my doctor to wear a funny clown costume before surgically removing my cancer. They'll do anything for a buck.

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  • Avoid the News
    Turn off your TV and Turn on your Wife, oops, I mean Life. Much of our stress comes from the state of the world, whether it is politics, society, crime or the fact that so many stupid people are famous. All kinds of things might trigger us. You're gonna want to read the heck out of this chapter.


  • Exercise
    Couch potatoes might hate this one, and most won't even bother to read it. However, light exercise does include walking to the kitchen for a late night snack. :p


I wanna eat your cookie

  • Learn Something New
    The brain rots when we stop learning. This chapter could be called, "Find a new hobby", but if you learn to play guitar, write a song, or paint, you probably won't call it a hobby. After reading this, you might even learn how to design a tattoo.

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  • Give
    Volunteer for something. Pay it forward. Find a cause that you believe in and become a productive member of society. Sounds impossible, right? Heh. We shall see.
  • Entertain Yourself
    If all else fails, it might be time to realize you're a big baby that needs constant gratification.


  • Sex
    Let's talk about sex, baby. What is Tantric Sex or Sex Magick, anyway? What is the true meaning of Namaste? This chapter is a life-changing exercise that teaches you how to respect yourself and your significant other on a deeper, spiritual level. But be warned, you cannot experience sacred sex and settle for anything less. Batteries not included. :p


Are You Ready To Become a Warrior?

Please Resteem, Upvote & Follow @magick323 for more.

Wishing you all love, light, and peace.

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Some very good tips there. Depression is not being viewed as serious as it is, many people think of it like is very real and very serious if you let it take you over. I think the bottom line is to stay balanced, don't over stress yourself on daily activities. We live in a society where we push ourselves beyond our capability all so we can stay above the water, it is unfortunate part of our current society. I think there's a definite correlation between depression and how we live in a society where we have to constantly thrive or you get eaten's that eat or get eaten...survival of the fittest mindset that we come to adopt that is making our lives very stressful. We are killing ourselves, it's time to change.

Hello! What a great and thoughtful comment. Thank you. We live in the culture of maximum harm. But I do believe we can rise above it.

I have no words for how thoroughly entertained I am right now :D


Extremely insightful and helpful!!! Thank you so much!!!

You're quite welcome! 😊

I think belong to indeference... Haha

Almost i dont care ..

Apathy as a way of life. LOL

@magick323 this post is a perfect example of what I like about you. Reading the comments.. you are ok with how people are.. no worries.. for some reason it made NIrvana, "Come as you are" song come to mind..
wow that's deep and before I lost my ability to comment momentarily, lol ask @kendewitt

Yes. That song fits!! I accept people as they are. Too many judgmental people in the world and you know what? All judgments come from within. When someone claims to hate me, I know that they really hate themselves. I love 'em anyway. I'll usually reply with something like, "I am just a mirror for you, because this is all about you."

well there you go.. my husband and I were talking the other day.. there are some people in our neighborhood that bug us.. we know we are them or it would not bug us.. LOL

That's a funny way of looking at it haha

What you see in others is in yourself... hard one to swallow sometimes.