Two months on a potato diet

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I spent the last two months eating nothing but potatoes. It was a real challenge the first few days but eventually became easier. Besides I love potatoes of any kind and ate a wide variety of them. I wanted to gain better overall health. There were many such as gold, white, red, purple, russet, idaho, and sweet potatoes. I've tried this diet once before for one month so I knew what to expect with that time frame. Potatoes have so many nutrients, loaded with potassium and yes you can live on them for a while. I lost five pounds the first month and then the second month it leveled off. My blood pressure was greatly reduced. I think it would have been reduced further had I been able to do steady exercise by walking but it was too cold outside for me. Many people are afraid to eat too many potatoes because of the carbs but in my case I actually lost some weight.


I could not eat the potatoes completely plain so I added some spices, such as cayenne pepper, and turmeric, which are good to lower blood pressure. I ate one or two raw garlic cloves with each meal, which also helps to lower blood pressure. Other spices added were black pepper and a drop of table salt for taste or none at all. I put apple cider vinegar on the potatoes for taste so they would not be so dry and for good health. At the end of the diet, I started squeezing lemon in my water. I wanted to make sure to get the maximum health benefits before getting off the diet. The potato diet also helped me to stop snacking after dinner.


The last few days were kind of hard but I stuck it out. Now I'm still including potatoes in my diet along with other foods. I just don't eat them every day although I could. It's time to start eating some delicious fruits and vegetables! I went to the supermarket and picked out some nice and sweet strawberries and leafy greens. I'm looking forward to putting together some really good meals that can also include potatoes! Don't be afraid of eating potatoes, they are good for you!

What do you think of potatoes? Do you include them in your meals a lot?


your post is very good

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I eat them only about once or twice a week, not that I don't like them, but I sometime forget about them. I eat beans almost every single day, though.

Beans are very healthy too! They were always part of my diet and I can go back to eating them now!

an excellent post. it was interesting to me.

Thank you.

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