Challenge Completed - 300 Day's Of Pure Madness (Day 14)

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300 Day's Of Pure Madness

While running my first 5Km of 2018 I came to the idea of doing instead of a 30 day challenge a 300 day's challenge where I will do as many pushups as I can and show this to you by posting a screenshot of the pushup counter app I use. I will do this for 300 day's. And at the same time share with you guy's how my running is going.

Here I leave behind the link to my first run of the year and my previous post regarding this challenge, check it out. I also wanna say that the app that I am using is called "Push Ups Counter" available on the playstore/andriod.

Today I had spinning class at 5am and we did 45 Minutes Spinning which may sound little but it's insane because we keep raising and lowering the resistance. After that we did 5 sets of 15 pushups,15 squads,high knees,butt kickers,25 situps with as little break as possible. Tomorrow morning maybe I"ll try out the track of the 6km race I will attend this 25th of Jan.

This post is my first challenge of the year and is part of @steemmatt 100 reps a day challenge The inspiration came from @steemmatt be sure to check his blog out.


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Keep sweating it out and keep blogging on this. It takes time to get a following in this niche.