Grow Your Brain, And Keep It

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Brant Cortright, Ph.D. is a Professor of psychology at the California
Institute of Integral Studies, and the author of The Neurogenesis
Diet and Lifestyle: Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life, a holistic
approach to optimizing brain health.

Neurogenesis is the process of growing new brain cells. The rate of
neurogenesis is an excellent indicator of cognitive health or decline.
In order to have a healthy rate of neurogenesis healthy food,
healthy exercise, and avoidance of toxins, including sugar, are

Omega-3 fats, including DHA, at high levels is a necessity for
building a healthy brain. Flax oil and chia seed are often used to
replace animal sources of omega-3s. This is not enough, because so
little of these fats are converted to DHA, about two to five percent.
There is an algae derived eicosepentenoic acid or EPA that does
more readily convert to DHA, so vegetarians can be a little less

Increasing neurogenesis with diet is not enough, as the body will
trim away brain cells that are not necessary. There are substances
which can be used in order to maintain brain cells, once grown.
Hesperetin, a bioflavanoid occurring naturally in citrus, is one of
these, along with epigallocatechin-3 gallate or ECGC, a polyphenol
contained in green tea. Many other nutrients useful for neurogenesis
and maintaining growth are addressed in Dr. Cortright's book.

Also discussed are antidepressants, the effects, on the baby, of
stress during pregnancy, chronic stress reduction in general, and
exercise in relation to growing new brain cells and keeping them.

Brant Cortright - Neurogenesis Diet & Combating Cognitive Decline


Thank you for the information, I have brain degeneration and my IQ had gone from genius to below normal, so this was something I needed to read, thank you!🌺

I'm happy I could help. If there is any other information I have that can help, please ask.

Thank you.

Our body 100% Our brain 2% Brain Uses 23% of energy in body. Amazing ^^

Our heart, eyes, and brain are filled with mitochondria.

What I often feel is the under cared for tool in the known universe. Thank you for sharing the links to better brain health.

Not sure if you've mentioned it but exercise + learning a new language are also shown to be quite efficacious in promoting neurogenesis.

Thanks for the comment.

Yes, languages or any complex set of knowledge. Typing, dancing, working with hand tools, martial arts, et cetera, are all helpful in stimulating growth, as well as maintaining it.

Thank you for sharing this post! I have published a little post about moodfood. It is so interesting how you can influence your mood and your health with the right food, isn't it? Upvoted and I will follow your account :) greetings from Brazil @princessbavaria

Thank you for your comment. It is indeed amazing how much our mood and health are impacted by a healthy or unhealthy diet. This knowledge has changed my life, and allowed me to keep it.

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