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RE: Anti-Inflammatory Potion for the Soul!

in #health4 years ago

Haha exactly. Let me know if you get the chance to try it.

I've tried Boabob chocolate before and it was really good, I had never heard of it until then. It's interesting you mention in though. I'll have to look more into it. I love experimenting with ancient superfoods.

But yeah, if Lion's Mane is popping up for you more maybe it is a sign :P Are you familiar with Paul Stamets and his work at all? If not it is really worth checking out. He is a genius that studies medicinal mushrooms. You can find some really good videos of him on YouTube. I like to buy Lion's Mane from him as well, definitely a high-quality source.


I will be sure too, definitely a sign I'd say, thanks 😃. I think my food place does it I will have to purchase it next shop! Maybe I'll drop a post on it's effect if I notice any. Boabob chocolate sounds good, will have to look that one up. I just have the powder and mix it into my porridge or cacao. A post here maybe
Yes I have come across Paul Stamets some amazing work although not drop by any of his work for a while, time for a refresh me thinks. Thanks again for the valuable information as always 💯🐒

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