Meet Gigi. Learn about Turner's syndrome. Spread the word.

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Gigi' Turner's "meet my butterfly"

"Big things come in small packages"

What is Turner Syndrome?
A chromosomal disorder in which a female is born with only one X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes.

Girls with Turner Syndrome are short in height. Characteristic and health issues varies on each girl with Turner's.

Turner syndrome can be diagnosed before a child is born, after being born or around the time she is expected to go into puberty.

Treatment for Turner Syndrome depends on the health issues. Growth hormones are recommended for girls with Turner syndrome it might help them grow a few inches taller.

Luckily we found out when she was "4" years old not when I was pregnant with this little butterfly..... (my pregnancy would off been nothing but stressing) this is my middle child, my lucky charm! (I call) she is small in size but big in heart....yes! She is missing an X chromosome. Yes! She takes daily growth hormone shots (she is a trooper) that might give her an inch or two.....Yes! She has tuners but turners does not define her!

Don't be afraid of what you get. I was afraid. Afraid for her but life has taught me a lesson "sometimes a child can teach you more about life"

Through a kids corners eyes! Spread the word. Raise awareness, Turner syndrome.


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