5 Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Honey

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You may not realize it, but raw honey holds a wealth of nutritional health benefits for our bodies. It can be used as a substitute to refined sugar as a sweetener for many recipes with much less damaging effects. Not only a oral medicine, raw honey has also been used topically to cure other health issues.

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How is Raw Honey Different from Other Honey?

According to Dr. Axe, raw honey is :

a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Most of the honey consumed today is processed honey that’s been heated and filtered since it was gathered from the hive. Unlike processed honey, raw honey does not get robbed of its incredible nutritional value and health powers.

So, to make the most of the health benefits of honey, you will want to use it in its rawest form. Honey has been used for centuries as a medicinal "superfood," dating back to being used in ancient civilizations including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Still need a little convincing? Here is a list of Raw Honey Health Benefits that should persuade you to give it a try!


1. Raw honey has amazing antibacterial properties.

Before the invention of penicillin, honey was used to treat many ailments including ulcers, burns, and even the occasional scrape. Scientists have found that some honeys can treat over 200 bacterial strains, so it's no wonder so many used to use it to fight infection for wounds and other issues!

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The best honey to treating topical burns, cuts and scratches is Manuka honey -- derived from the flowers of the Manuka plant. Manuka honey is one of those amazing types of honey, created with a special ingredient that helps wounds heal quickly. No one has yet to figure out exactly what this secret ingredient of manuka honey is, so for now it's still just called the "Unique Manuka Factor."

Using raw honey to treat injuries on children is especially effective, since applying honey doesn't sting or burn like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.


2. Raw honey relieves a sore throat and cough.

When you are battling a cold or other illness, raw honey can be a great defense for your throat. The irritation created by sinus drainage can create a scratchy feeling in the throat. Coughing can irritate your throat as well.


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Since the raw honey coats the throat when ingested, you can get the same treatment naturally as you get from a dose of over-the-counter cough medications -- especially at nighttime!


3. Raw honey moisturizes dry skin.

Many people struggle with dry skin in the winter while others may be seeking more moisture for their skin all year round. No matter the severity of your issues, using raw honey in a DIY moisturizer can bring about the benefits as a lotion you buy in a store. Raw honey has also been known to help treat eczema and the skin irritations that can occur with this condition.


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Plus, you can add raw honey to your shampoo and conditioner to help replenish the moisture in dry, brittle hair!


4. Raw honey is a natural immune system booster.

Consuming raw honey on a daily basis can help to promote a healthy immune system, reducing your chances of getting colds and other illnesses. Because of the honey's antibacterial and antioxidant properties, the food can help your body fight germs and infections that would otherwise have you feeling crummy for days at a time.

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A wonderful concoction you can drink every morning to reap the healthy benefits of raw honey:

  • Eight ounces of room-temperature water
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • Juice from half of a freshly-squeezed lemon

Mix the honey and lemon into the water and drink it before eating breakfast to experience the wonderful benefits of the raw honey all day, every day!


5. Raw honey helps you lose weight.

If you are currently trying to eat right and exercise more to lose weight, make sure to include raw honey into your daily activities! Replacing all of your refined sugar intake with raw honey helps your blood sugar stabilize and can lower your body's attempts to hold on to fat.


Source: Pixabay.com

Other studies done on raw honey suggest it can help to suppress the appetite when ingested. By consuming the lemon honey water mixture I mentioned in Tip 4, you can also experience the appetite suppression effects of raw honey!


More Information on the Amazing Benefits of Raw Honey:

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My father ate honey every day of his life, and was very healthy and active until his sudden death at 87

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I plan to do a highly-scientific article on raw honey at some point, but I have other topics to cover first. (My husband is highly-scientific, so anything I need to convince him of must be of that caliber.)
Thanks for your article!

Thanks for the tip on hyperlinking. It took me some time to learn that one.
Another one: #### or # (be sure to follow it with a space) , then Header, to get bold font.
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Now, my tip for you and a gazillion other writers: no hyphen after an -ly word.
A highly scientific article. No hyphen. (Don't get me started on me vs I or*** lay vs lie***!)

Good spot on my error. I guess I'm in that bad habit. "Highly" being an adverb, not contributing to linked adjectives... Thanks for that one!

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Just between you and I.... no, between you and ME... I'm glad you know the difference between lay and lie! :)

I have always heard good stuff about raw honey, but have yet to add it to my diet. Interesting that you can rub it on your dry skin. I think it would make you a sticky, gooey mess. No thanks! Ha! We used to have a natural cough syrup for the kids that was mostly honey. I've heard that pineapple is really good for that too. I have also made elderberry syrup with honey and elderberries and it's pretty tasty. Lots of good info here!

Love this. After I have my child, I started to learn more about honey too, especially raw honey. They can be quite costly too, but I still try to equip our home with at least one. I started taking it more when I find it so helpful for sore throats and since then, whenever there is any disease I suspect having to do with bacteria, I take it. I have known all of the benefits you expounded except for losing weight, which is like a new good news to me, haha! I am so glad to read this because I like to read your explanations which are more convincing than my own simple one line thoughts. Thanks @keciah :)

Someone told me once it is energy boosting too, so I take it in the morning, about a tablespoon just like that, with a plastic spoon because honey reacts with metals apparently.

Yup honey is everyone all time favourite. I always took honey whenever I got heavy cough and phlegm too! I will mix honey + lemon + warm water. The result was really good. Some ppl say honey should not be stored in a fridge - only at room temperature. ;)

Awesome post! I didnt know half of these facts about honey!

I only use honey medicinally, we are so blessed to have this wonderful medicine made by the bees, I only wish more people would be aware of the importance of these amazing creatures, Thank you for this great post @keciah

I love honey so I don't know how I missed some of these awesome benefits! Honey for a sore throat works wonders.

I love raw honey and Ceylon cinnamon on my steel cut oatmeal. Ceylon cinnamon is a healthy spice that is extremely beneficial.

We love raw honey. The weather here can be really crazy at times, and flu seasons are a pain especially when we have little children at home. It is said that the best way to consume raw honey is without diluting it. We'd use a plastic spoon and my little girl would enjoy it like candy haha! 😂 we've even tried making honey patch for cough and flu and it helps reduce phlegm when you stick it overnight on the chest.

Wow didn't know it had anti bacterial properties :O

I'm pretty sure my Mrs is going to get entirely the wrong idea if she walks in to find me rubbing honey all over my body - that could be dangerous as well if the neighbours dogs get a whiff of it!

Fascinating post, I knew a little about honey and it's benefits but not all of this - a really good read.


BWAHAHAHAHA! I totally read that wrong to begin with and have horrible images in my head right now. Can't stop laughing!

Hey @keciah, great post! Honey is amazing, the pain relief on sore throats is instant!

Thank you!! Yes, I like using honey to soothe a sore throat for the immediate relief it can bring. It's pretty awesome!

i love honey, now i love it even more !

My dad at 83 started having a teaspoon of raw honey, three time a day, and feels great as 84 approaches. He swears by he honey. If it's a placebo, it's the best kind of placebo.

hello, @keciah, I already knew some benefits of honey, especially the medical benefits, there is a home remedy for children with cough with phlegm that includes honey, purple onion, zabila and lemon, I really have used it with my children and is very good. With your article I learned other additional benefits, thanks for sharing, I already belong to the team of steemmamas since I am a mother and educator, I invite you to visit my blog, I publish articles that I think you may be interested in the education of children! Greetings and I'm starting to follow you !!

I don't have any raw honey, just what's from the shops. I do remember as a kid when sick, we had to have a spoonful of honey which always helped, even if at the time we didn't want it haha. I should have a honey sandwich later to help with this darn cold.

This is such a nice piece. I did not know about raw honey treating burns.

It has so many uses. Thanks.

@keciah - I did not know there were so many uses for honey! Who knew ...? I always thought that honey was just a delicious treat. Great post- keep up the awesome work.

Well the guy from the bee movie is just going to have to sue you for all this sweet info...

great post! Consuming honey also helps the bees, especially if you buy locally. Considering the dismal situation of bees, I think this post does a great job of informing and encouraging people to buy more honey. Thanks for sharing!

Been considering setting up a small hive of honeybees down the way so I can have some of my own raw. Great post hun :)

Wow @keciah, lovely post about honey, I'm sure readers would learn much more about honey in respect to health.

My wife is a big fan of honey, her favorite (when she can afford it!) being Manuka.

Hey - are you around? Everything ok?

Hey - are you around? Everything ok?

I knew honey can be used as a healthier alternative to sugar but I didn't know until now that it suppresses appetite. That's nice to know because I'm trying to lose weight. Great post.

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