Diary of a slimming girl - Day 2. Evening

in health •  2 years ago 

My husband called, he said that he and his daughter are having a great time, trying to persuade them to leave work early and come to them.

I did so, and in addition the vacation starts in 12 days. With fear I start to think about how it will be difficult for me in a couple of weeks. At the mother-in-law in the dictionary the word "diet" is absent, but there are "cutlets", "soups", "cakes" and other ...

I already foresee her words:

Ah, you, my daughter, you have become quite thin

The photo shows the parents of my husband (mother-in-law and father-in-law)

I feel like a believing fanatic, who is trying to be tempted to mislead the true. Lord Jesus, help me ...

What am I doing ??? To get a virtual kick, I open the laptop, where on the screen saver my yesterday's photo without retouching, so to speak. Having meditated in front of her, reassured and confident of victory over kilograms, I go to sleep. I sleep without dreams.

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