Diary of a slimming girl - Day 1

in health •  2 years ago 

Today is the first day of my new life.

I take a sheet of paper, I write a red marker on the list of products that for the period of my diet for me are transferred from the category of real to the realm of fantasy.

  • Sugar, baking, smoked meat, butter, sausage ... The sheet ends, I turn to the second one. After some reflection I leave the potatoes and cheese, without which the meaning of life is lost. Look like that's it.

The revision of the kitchen cabinets ends with the extension of oatmeal, muesli, buckwheat and rice to the front. I drink (with disgust) the freshly squeezed juice from celery and an apple and sit down for a list of what I now have to see at my plate for ... I do not know how many weeks. The shopping list is ready, I go to the store.

I would never have thought that I would spend almost five hours searching for the necessary products. Despite the apparent abundance, to find whole-grain bread, live yogurt (unsweetened and not expired), fresh vegetables (fresh, not pre-retired) are not easy.

Thinking, I decide to make large purchases 1-2 times a week, and bread and dairy to buy as needed in the nearest store, the benefit of the desired type of bread was discovered there. Legs ache from fatigue, hands from carrying weights, and a head from an abundance of thoughts. It's time to act.

By night I mentally summarize the amount of food I've eaten and drunk for a day and I'm happy with myself.

See you tomorrow friends.

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My weight 5 years ago was 90 kg. With the help of diet and sports, I reduced my weight by 35 kg. Now I look like this:

You're doing fine! Not every girl decides to do this. Good luck to you.

Thank you

I think that you do not need to lose weight much. I am not thin. Guys to me stick in bundles.

You have mouth-watering forms. Do not be surprised that you have a lot of fans.

If you suddenly want to gain weight, then visit my blog. There are many delicious and sweet dishes. Joke. Good luck to you.

Good luck

Thank you

After the birth of my son, I also gained 15 kg in weight. But after half a year I returned to normal weight.

I hope that you will succeed

You look amazing to me. I don't think you should be focused on weight loss!

I did not show pictures of my priests and my belly. Check. I need to lose 5-7 kg at least.

A year ago, I also lost weight. It was a nightmare.

I looked at your photos. Are you a model?

No. Although many ask me about this

You really look like a model. You have a beautiful face, chic hair, long legs. Externally the model.

Thank you. I am pleased to hear this from a girl. For appearance, I should thank my parents and god.

The hardest part is to start. Then it will be easier.

I do not envy you. A strict diet is a horror

I will follow your progress

You are well done

Why do you need to lose weight? You look beautiful

Wish you luck

It is hard work. I tried many times to lose weight. It's scary to remember.

I like your hair color. This color suits you.