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Introduction to Various Meditations: Transcendental Meditation

in health •  last year 

Thanks for the encouragement! I haven’t gotten many votes or engagements so this means a lot!!

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No problem man, you put in some good work, your stuff is better than most the crap I see haha. Whats your favorite style of meditation, or most frequently used?

Well thanks a ton, I like Steemit and hopefully quality posts will help the platform survive.

I like Tai Chi most, I’m usually too restless to settle into a seated meditation so I like the movements to focus on, and it’s had a huge effect on my spine and how I generally carry myself. Highly recommend it!

Nice, that seems like something I should try out because I'm the same way, I used meditation during runnning and yoga to start, my meditation is my own, I don't really pick one thing I just do it whenever I can and however I want to in the moment.

I'll check out your tai chi post!