Even The Dreams Cannot Be Sweet - No-Sugar-November Challenge

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Sooo,.. I'm fed up with my face! Yup. You wanna see it? You don't want to see it, trust me. But you will. For the next 30 days.
It is high time to do something about the spotty crocodile face and I have just the thing planned. Desperate times - desperate measures.

The plan is to avoid sugar and with a support group of a few like-minded colleagues, we have set out to embark on this treacherous path, where temptations lie ahead on each step. Especially on Fridays. It's a thing. It's a Friday Snack Work thing..

My approach to this is quite radical, I plan to start it off with a 3 day fast. Just so that I don't eat something sugary by a mindless accident. I find myself being more aware and food-conscious just after a fast, so I plan to use that to my advantage.

From what I have read and checked out I do understand that I am making this harder on myself than it needs to be by not having a set-out meal plan ready, but I am quite confident that I can manage, as my stubbornness has kicked in. And that is essentially all I need. For there is no greater stability than in my stubbornness. xD

Here's my face for baseline reference

30/10/2019 19:00:

31/10/2019 07:00:

Excited to see if this will yield any results. Will keep you updated with progress reports.

For an exciting November!

Hugs & Coffee,

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