Amazing 1 Year Transformation: Cured Depression, Quit Smoking, Quit Drinking, Ripped, Raw Vegan

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Yesterday, this popped up on my Facebook feed:

I was quite surprised as it hadn't felt like it had been a year since I had begun working on my physical and mental health. In fact, it really only felt like a few months ago.

But, according to Facebook, it has been one year since I first realized I had a problem with depression and began to work towards fixing it.

At the time I had really no idea what would work but decided to try just about everything I could. I hinted that I knew it was possible, although hard to imagine, by saying, "I'm excited to work towards one day actually feeling happy sometimes."

When I read that yesterday I couldn't remember the last time I didn't feel happy. I lost my depression months ago and continue to feel better and better almost every day.

So, I decided to take the anarchodogs for a walk in dangerous Acapulco, Mexico and look back on all the profound changes that have occurred in my life in the last year.

You can see it here:

In the video I discuss how anyone can easily make all these changes and more... it's just a matter of intention and attention.

If you want to make some changes in your life start by watching this video and then get 'er done! You might end up like me and wonder a year from now how it all happened so quickly!

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Romans 14:1-23
"As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions. One person believes he may eat anything, while the "weak" person eats only vegetables. Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand. One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind" (For the record I dont "despise" you but you do fall under the category of "weak in faith" something to consider being a man in your position.)


DUDE, don't worry, I won't judge you for making a comment stating "who are you to pass judgment" then judging someone as "weak in faith," then paying yourself for it...


AND i saw a Big Great Light and out of it a voice spoke and said "jacobcards stop playing with yourself and blaming others for your own self condemnation his good looks are making you weak no reason to be mean to him for it"


Well, thank you, @splendour for this comment. I just flagged jacobcards because that is the ultimate rudeness! He sees that somebody is successful in business, happily married, is doing great things for his health. I normally do not respond to bible bashers, but this one is just so jealous and sick in his mind - the mind boggles!


My pleasure, i really dont like seeing that myself. im stoked that you flagged him he is one very sick jealous individual, lol yes very mind boggling.


LOL ironic huh. 100% upvote for that comment!!!


How does being a vegan fall into the NWO plot? How does it make man equal with the beast? If anything, focusing on our health goes against it NWO plans. As for your quote, they did not have the proper knowledge to have a healthy vegan diet when that was written. Now we know we have to incorporate protien into our diet as well. They also definitely don't mention steemit in the bible... A vegan diet will likely allow you to advance spiritually. This is not just due to terms of health, there is also the element of compassion for all life. Love and compassion are two of the strongest attributes one may have, for one who speaks of judgment, it sounds much to the contrary when you say that Jeff is weak in faith.


You are right @kdevilla, a raw vegan diet may help some people to advance spiritually. Good reply, willl follow you! :)


What a useless post dude! And please stop believing in God! Or do you also think that Santa Claus is bringing you presents at Christmas?


AND i saw a Big Great Light and out of it a voice spoke and said "jacobcards stop playing with yourself and blaming others for your own self condemnation his good looks are making you weak no reason to be mean to him for it"


Sorry, @splendour! I flgged jacobcards down, NOT you! I tried to reverse it and I shall try again. I really don't know how this could happen! I will try to reverse it again!


I don't normally reply to bible basher's ourbursts, but this comment is just so rude! Who are you to call a man, a REAL MAN, life Jeff Berwick, "weak in faith". You may have noticed that Jeff (and indeed my husband and I are doing the same), that we do what is GOOD FOR US. What makes us feel healthy and fit. And like Jeff, we simply share our experience, we are not preaching or trying to influence anybody, because everybody is different. We encourage people to try out new or different ways to free their mind and body from sickness.

In fact, I just re-read your reply and I will flag you down for being insulting and rude.


I hate the christian ideal that we are in charge of the animals . This brain dead view continues to destroy the planet. The eastern do know harm would better serve all on the planet


you have failed in your analysis of the passage.


Meat in biblical times was real and not the factory farmed, processed, hormone laden crap that passes for meat we have today. Further MX doesn't allow GMO foods, so he's in the right place for a vegan diet.


Also, I just eat small amounts of meat. Humans are omnivores. You cant wake up one day and decide to be an herbivore because your not one. You just dont eat meat for breakfast lunch and dinner like disgusting americans do, you just have a deck of cards worth and your good to go. I also dont eat pork, if I do its usually just a BLT. Study up on your Christianity Jeff. Buddhism and Hindu practices will only pull you farther from the truth. CHRIST IS THE TRUTH. ... I fast as well! Extremely healthy. Be sure to drink alot of distilled water when you do!!


i would say better off eating some meat and NO dairy then lots of dairy and no meat!


I keep trying to be vegetarian but I keep falling off the wagon as it were.


yes i know that one.. I think it doesnt have to be all or nothing.. its also a nice idea to just change the balance and have several vege dish a week and less meat. That is better for your health and also the number of animals that need to be sacrificed..


So you don't give up on insulting people here. As I stated in an earlier comment, I usually ignore bible bashers, I don't follow you to the debth of your existence because down there you beat us all with experience. And stop giving people advice on how much water they are supposed to drink and which kind. You are an ignorant and I shall flag this comment down as well. Just keep your church and God and Jesus to yourself, nobody in their right mind is interested in ANY religion anymore. And read the last sentence a few times! I wrote religion. Religion. Got it? Religion is not the same as God.


Really? You flag someones opinion under a blog of an an-cap? lol


Yes, I will flag any un-true, nasty comment on any blog. Or are anarchists now not allowed to speak the truth anymore? Where did I go wrong? LOL
Let's see what your blogs are all about. I'll be over right now! ;)


You did not go wrong anywhere, and I'm nowhere saying anything about that your not allowed to flag or to say what your say. Just like the religious guy. Anybody can say what they want to say. I'm totally for free speech. It's not up for me to decide, that's the thing about free speech.;)

Thanks for the reply.

@jeffberwick I myself have started dumping everything which lowers me on an emotional and mentall level and let me tell you life is amazing when you feel happy.. I recently got robbed in my house and lost my laptop which I wrote an article about saying how it was actually a positive experience for me.

Thanks for inspiring me and others here friend.. All the best in life <3

Sounds great! I am happy for you. Keep on fighting!

Good that you make progress on character and healthy living. What are your next goals?

Thank you for your honesty.

Awesome work Jeff!

What was the biggest factor that helped you with your depression? Was it diet related?

Jeff, oh jeff... please, when you say things like this:

I decided to take the anarchodogs for a walk in dangerous Acapulco

Just level with your readers/viewers and tell them you live in a gated community outside the city. Every city has bad spots, its unavoidable.

You don't need to resort to hyperbole. It undermines the rest of your message.

Congrats on your transformation!


I could be anywhere in Acapulco and it'd be fine, that's why.


I'm not talking about the Avenida Costera, where the hotels and tourists are. I'm talking about places like La Laja, but you probably knew that already.

I'm just pointing out that every city has its rough spots. If you don't think they exist, that's your choice. I am surprised about the push-back though, not really what I expected from you.


"Sarcasm" a way of poking fun, seen in his expression.

Have missed you! Waiting for your videos every day. Love them! It would have been nice to see a little inside your house sometime?

In the video I discuss how anyone can easily make all these changes and more... it's just a matter of intention and attention.


Thanks Jeff, we really need a person with a following and a voice like yours to support the raw vegan philosophy. You have tried it yourself and now you know how powerful it is. Please share these ideas more, and let's get the word out!

I am trying to overcome my depression. But it's hard :-(


A good way to fight depression is to eat lots of fruit and ensure that your body has everything it needs. Depression, lack of energy etc your body's way of telling you that something is missing. Try taking Vega or a similar product.


Vega is good if you don't have fresh. Used and sold it for 15 years.

Dr. Morse knows how the body functions better then anyone.

Jeff, I really enjoy watching you on youtube and steemit, it's so much better than watching some crappy tv program. lol!

Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary! Thanks for sharing your journey...

Intermittent fasting - that changed my life two years ago. And saying that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" makes my smile :D

we are very happy for you and you are always in our prayers

Thats the life brother, living healthy means more time all together. I run a fitness business and I consult for other companies and I am concerned with the work 14 hours a day, eat only 2 meals, likely shitty food to hustle and grow but then what, die at 40/50 from health issues?

PEOPLE HAVE IT CONFUSED! Lead the way buddy!

Happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story, it is really moving how a simple realization can change the direction of life for good. You're an inspiration to us!

Wow! This is an awesome post. I can definitely relate and appreciate your honesty. Posts like these are so important because we are all dealing with our individual storms. Thank you for sharing!

It's awesome you have achieved so much in life despite having depression.

Just make sure you look at all the vital nutrients/vitamins aminoacids ect that vegan diets are missing or low in..and suppliment them, or you will get more sick in the long run..peace good luck on the healthy recovery mate.

Beautiful words Jeff. It feels good to see someone who fights for the people so ardently to be so happy. Good man

Congrats Jeff! I saw old videos if you when you were still smoking and quite frankly I found it annoying...good you changed your lifestyle !

Look like someone took the Red Pill...

Did you enjoy Dr Robert Morse teachings? Dr. Sebi? why when i know these ideals to be true i still crave the sugars and starches. Self Discipline starts with eating.

Congrats! My girlfriend and I have been exercising almost everyday, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, plant protein, etc for the past 6 months and it really does look/feel like we're getting younger by the day. Love the post. Keep up the good work!

Transformation for good is really great my friend is also on a weight loss and she wants to transform and really achieving the results she want i must mention what she used PHENQ a diet pill i hope this might help others who want to lose weight
here is the link where you can find phenq reviews:

Hello :) It's definitely one of the most inspiring post I ever seen on Steemit, seriously :) You're right, first step is to realize that we have a problem. I have a great respect for you because of your change. Changes are really difficult very often, but that was totally worth it. Good job!

Hey Jeff, have you ever tried medicinal adaptogenic herbs? They have endless health benefits, and gives you nice good feelings and energy and better sleep and brain and body benefits and its good to take everyday bcuz its very safe you cant overdose on them. Hyperionherbs website has the highest quality adaptogen herbs I know of right now.

@jeffberwick Jeff! Thank you for posting! Raw Veganism will heal the planet. It is an upstream solution to all of our problems. I am so happy you are raising awareness. Let's uplift the planet together! Much love, Namaste :)

Awesome stff Jeff, love following your journey. I resonate completely with your realisations about alcohol and smoking it has been like a dark passenger for most of my adult life. I realise this now but I have had such a "good" relationship with drinking and it felt like part of my personality. Such a "normal" part of my CULT-ure here in Australia as a working class Aussie male..

I have had alot of experience with fasting and the real truth about health that you are clearly aware of too. Youve given me inspiration to get back onto the healthy path and enjoy myself for who I truly am. I'l be sharing my experiences with fasting and colon cleansing here on steemit in the coming weeks and hopefully can inspire some others too.

Keep if up Jeff ;)

Inspiring @jeffberwick . i hope smokers watch this and turn their life around

Good to hear brotha with Gods help I am trying to do the same!

Awesome to hear @jeffberwick . Interesting stuff. Upvoted and followed!

Thanks for sharing. I have been fasting for 6 days and stopped drinking. Feeling great and my wife says she likes the fact I have lost some weight around my middle too. We are both moving from Melbourne to Acapulco in October, so looking forward to Anarchapulco!


Hi mate, good on yah for getting off the booze.
I am in Canada til October then moving to Acapulco to. We should hook up?

following you now.

Depression is a bitch.. you cant fight her, she just drags you down. You cant fuck with her, because she will just fuck you harder. Good luck man

Wonderful, positive, inspirational words Jeff. I feel very strong about those same topics, "if you aren't happy change it", "if you want something, go for it", "what is really stopping you". Always reach for your goals and dreams. Thank you for sharing, and celebrating you success with us.

I hope one day I can relate to this. At this time in my life happiness isn't too accessible. I have too much on my mind as of now, I know this shouldn't bring unhappiness, but it does. One day when I get to leave everything I will find happiness.

Continue fight friend

Yo dude can you rip me raw too? thanks

It's true, it depends on you and on oneself in general. Like all other problems mental conditions can be much more fluid (or even airy) than said if you wish to resolve them, and solid if you wish to be profiting from them forever.

Not to mention...what's the point in seeking change in people that assert problems are inherent to life? Like "your company crashed because it happens". :p

Jeff u the reason l joined steemit after l watched how your testimony of get R15 000 over a night.You are my role model .l love u so much.Keep up the good work

Our diet is actually sending us to grave early thanks for sharing your transformation life

Thank you so much Jeff for sharing this journey with us. It has changed my life for the better. I am one week in to changing my diet to eating only once a day and I feel great.

Beautiful words, congrats!

Congrats on the anniversary! You are a inspiration

Acknowledging the problem is always harder than fixing it, glad you did it.

That's awesome! My wife is in a similar situation, but she knows she has depression. She just can't get up and make the changes. I hope this inspires her.

This sounded like it was a hard process for you buddy! STAY STRONG AND ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! I tend to suffer from similar problems sadly.

Good for you, Jeff! Like you said, the key is identifying the problem first. Once it has been recognized and identified, you can begin the healing process. Keep at it, buddy, and you are going to make it!

Good work! I know how tough it is to change these habits while dealing with mental illness.

Thank you for sharing this, your story is inspiring

todo es fuerza de voluntad.

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your straight thoughts.

You are truly an inspiration. Thank you.

Feeling great for you ! Just upvoted and resteemed !

Thanks for the inspiration Jeff.

That is just amazing that someone is strong enough to make a change! Congrats!

Two years ago a friend of mine who is a psychologist told me that I had depression because I got rid of a lot of things in my life, but now I think my friend was wrong because I have not changed and I never feel sad or worried. I think it all depends on the personality of each person.

You always post inspiring content and I have much respect for you @jeffberwick. Keep encouraging and empowering people to live well. For that I say thank you.

Amazing! I can relate so much as I recovered from a 4 year psychotic depression at 21 years old. Anything is possible💙 Recovery takes time but it is worth it. Thank you for being a light for others as well as an inspiration.


Hello, glad your feeling better. Jeff's awesome eh?

Consider following Dr. Morse's advice I have for years and feeling better then ever.


He truly is! Oh nice thanks ill make sure to check it out!:)

So glad to see you're doing so well Jeff!

I am really happy for you...

So glad to see you get healthy and happy Jeff. You are an asset to the freedom movement, thank you!

I share a lot of similarities with you Jeff. I've been depressed for as long as I can remember. I hit a crisis point this year when the government effectively forced me to resign for not conforming to their radical political ideals. I've still got a long way to go, and to be honest, the thought of getting off the meds scares me (everytime I've tried I've crashed and burned). But I have some hope now I'm looking into alternative things such as diet and meditation. Cheers.

Great post @jeffberwick... Liked it..

I think you've worked hard on your post ... so I'll give you :)

Congrats! Your story motivates me a lot!


good job man!

Jeff man I'm real proud of you with the new healthy lifestyle. Especially the quitting smoking. Cigarettes are one of the most toxic repulsive things out there and is extremely damaging to health. So that's extremely epic! Weed on the other hand is great. Just avoid using papers lol.

Good work, friend. This is the positive trend towards a better life

I need to work on this myself, thanks for posting this.

im so happy for u. really happy.

Excellent, keep up the good work. Like you I don't drink (that's alcoho). Not saying my life is perfect, but alcohol could have made it much worse.

Vegan might be a steep to far, but plant based, no refined foods, and low glycemic is certainly the right path.


Any one of those is a major life decision . A tall round of ATTA BOY for you . None of those items is to be taken lightly .

Congrats to you being vegan and kicking your drug habit!. A lot of people assume being vegan is just about preventing cruelty to animals.. but that is just half the story..

Dairy is just laden with things that we dont do well with.. It is one of the most addictive things we eat and most people don't even realise it! A cow has to make sure her calf stays with her and bonds. She does this with opiates that are in the milk!

The addictive quality of cheese is so obvious, and yet no one will admit it! Try to get a cheese addict of cheese and you will get a very annoyed person!

There are just too many other reasons to give up dairy.. I lost weight and even terrible back pain just from dropping all dairy. Then after I didnt have it for a few months I was surprised to notice how bad milk smelled!

Oh the power of drugs!

How is the Dr. Morse diet going? I've been researching Dr. Morse and find his diet fascinating.

I appreciated this article because depression is a very real issue in so many lives. I agree whole heartedly that one giant step towards healing is to acknowledge the I have a problem. My journey of depression started with my mother. I remember so well the first time she was admitted to a mental illness facility. I remember being so embarrassed about it and did not tell a single friend about it. My own depression actually started when I was in my forties. I asked my doctor about it, but he was of little help at the time. Thankfully I have learned many lessons about depression and how to combat it. Thank you for your willingness to share this.

Jeff, be sure to supplement with omega 3 fish oil and essential amino acids. You cannot get them in a vegan diet. Thumbs up on changing your life and health for the better!!

Thank you for your videos here Jeff. I have been on Steemit just over one month. I was sick for the past 5 days, but I am recovering nicely - going to make similar 'dramatic' changes to my diet as I have done with my Finances. Your information has been quite helpful and I purchased some EOS after your video with Dan. Keep ou the good work & thank you.

Hi Jeff, you bring a smile to my face sticking to Dr. Morse's diet and sharing it with the world.

Most people went to indoctrination camps to be brainwashed to believe in the Food Charts???? We/humans are from the Ape family = fruits

Not smoking is a big part of changing how you feel about yourself. Keep up the good content.

You definitely need to update your photo from the footer with bio. Congrats :)

Humans, physiologically, align most strongly with frugivores. Fruit, berries, melons, and leafy vegetables are our species specific diet. Just an opinion, keeping an open mind :)

I've seen people who vowed to do what you've achived but quit along the way. It's not easy to drop what one considers to be a bad habbit with success stoey under one year. I'm happy for you bro, keep fighting and never look back. You inspire me!

JEFF - Congrats! WALKING... YES - Long daily walks. That's what cured my Depression. Next Currency Tip - Please, David

Happy for you, you're doing great work!

I know I've had some "issues" my whole life but luckily I managed to escape any major problem with drink. I think in part thanks to my problem with Canabis! XD

I think there is a lot in life to get you down! Especially in this system, life is not easy. But there is something deeper in me, I know the patterns that I do and stupid mistakes I make! I know they're mistakes while I'm making them but just sort of go along for the ride anyway! For example I recently bought a used car from a private seller! It was my very first car, he assured me he'd done work on it and all was well, even an oil change.

It was the first car I even looked at, they picked me up and dropped me off to see it and they seemed nice. I felt somewhat obligated but there was a small voice in my head! Flags that were showing that something was wrong.

He was claiming all kinds of work had been done but receipts showed nothing much, he sort of held the mot and hid part with his hand and I didn't press to hold it myself. I didn't even open the bonnet, what would I know anyway lol.

Thing dies on me while driving after 2 days, there was no oil in the car... But there was something very fishy with this guy, he ended up fobbing me off with some other faulty car lol... Oh boy...

See thing is I did a similar thing years ago when I bought my ex a car, got royaly ripped off there too... I think in both cases they were actually car dealers just getting rid of the crap!

Anyway... I kick myself because I am not stupid! But I constantly do stupid stuff like that!

I have other bad traits like being very lazy and leaving thing to the last minute! In pretty much every aspect of my life. I am trying to get better, keep ontop of the housework a bit more and work out a little! Hey I even ironed all my clothes for the first time in years the other day! XD Was nice having all clean fresh ironed clothes waiting everyday.

Motivation can be tough, just getting out of bed before midday is tough, I lay smoking weed, watching youtube... I know, my problem is weed and I think I have an internet addiction too.

I think I could also be bi-polar, I have symptoms like that, have really good ideas one day that I am sure will revolutionize the world and could probably convince you of it too but I can't follow anything through and soon fall into my pit of despair again.

Good stuff right here! Plus f all central banks!

This was such a great post to come across first thing in the morning while i sip on my first coffee of the day. This post is inspiring to say the least. I 100% agree with you that if something isnt working for you, change it. I went back to school this year at 34 and now 35 am nearly done. I have met a few great people and learned many things outside of my education and one of my teachers used to always tell us "If I dont want to, I must" be it exercising, getting out of bed, working, etc.. and I just restarted my health and fitness journey and that motto rings in my ears constantly. Those days I dont want to... i must. Life is what you make it. If you constantly focus on the negative, that is what your life will be. If you focus on the positive and take control, that is what your life will be. Everyone has their shit. We all have bad days, but dwelling and self pity, get you no where! Thank you for posting this post and the video you included because this WILL inspire someone to make a change, it will inspire someone to keep going, it will inspire someone to put the work in and be happy. Followed :D

Bully for you mate!

I absolutely love this post! Me and my husband also stopped having alcohol 1 year ago and our lives have changed and improved so much since then! We made new friends and found a way of living that is more true to who we are as individuals! Quitting alcohol completely before 30 has given me a lot more clarity and I am so proud for my husband to lead the way on this :)!

Congrats man. Been following your videos for a while. once I have the fund I want to join the group. Quite smoking a while back but I can give up meat sir. :-)