30 day fitness challenge! let's get motivated!

in #health6 years ago

Yesterday I began my 30 day fitness challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to lose 15 pounds while maintaining healthy muscle gains. This is not a crash diet but more of a dietary upgrade. 15 pounds may seem extreme in 30 days but the first ten pounds comes off me within a week of eating chicken and vegetables for every meal. The last five will be the difficult pounds to shed.

I'm currently at 190.4 LBS and would like to end this at around 174.4-175.4 pounds. My current compound lift maxes are 280 LB bench press, 360 LB deadlift, and 275 LB squat. The goal is to increase each of these maxes by 10 pounds while losing weight.

How am I going to do it?
I have set rules for myself that I must abide by for 30 days (or 29 from the time of this post.) I will start waking up earlier, drinking 16 oz. of water upon waking up, no eating after 5 pm, eating 2000-2300 calories per day, reduce salt intake, 30 minutes of cardio per day, 100 push ups per day & quit drinking beer. (I will still drink vodka & soda water if I want a drink.)

(These are my current pictures at 190.4 LBS, in 29 days I will repost and track the progress!)

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