Healthy Reminders #4: Don't Forget - PHW

in health •  5 months ago

You are powerful, healthy and whole.

PHW. Wear it like a badge. Wear it smack dab in the middle of your heart.

And believe it. Let it permeate your whole heart and then the whole of your consciousness, and then let it grow, with the highest clearances of your permission, beyond any perceived boundaries of your awareness, until IT BECOMES YOU and inundates your every experience.

Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Your beliefs are the only thing between your living experience of the now and complete fulfillment; they are your psychological prison bars, but they are easily dissolved away forever with a proper realignment of perspective.

And here it is, here is your proper realignment: you are powerful, healthy and whole.

You are healthy because you are whole and you're powerful because you're healthy and whole. Your circle is complete.

Your needs are met. You want nothing, but you have everything, right now and forever. Because of this, you feel complete and you meet people from a space of total strength and self-confidence and this gives you great power to influence others. And the world will reciprocate that great value back to you in so many ways (financially, socially, politically, etc.), which will only reaffirm and reinforce for you the power and strength of your being, which will strengthen your psychological health, making you feel more and more whole.... and on and on the reinforcing cycle goes until you are inevitably, unstoppably, unmistakably your best self, without failure or hesitation.

But your focus is not on the rewards, for that would short-circuit the whole process. You concentrate only on your core being. And that being is powerful, healthy and whole, in and of itself. Even when by yourself, in TOTAL solitude and isolation, you are still every bit as powerful, healthy and whole.

When met with the most unbelievable, tragic, unfortunate, absolutely devastating circumstances, you are, more than ever before, powerful, healthy and whole and you will react and respond in ways that perfectly reflect that core truth.

You only grow and strengthen in your conviction that you are powerful, healthy and whole with every breath and every action or reaction. It is your living reality. It is YOU.

Live it. BE it. Be grateful that you've finally arrived :)

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At the end of the day we will return to earth @jamesbrown inert and useless and all things will be over.


Well, I don't pretend to know what happens to our sense of ________ (beingness? am-ness? spirit?) on the day of our physical deaths, but it's hard to argue against the inevitability of our body's decay and, apparently, the decay of the whole universe, given enough time.

And, as much as I find myself drawn to contemplating the nature of death, as I think it's the key to understanding the nature of existence, I can't help but conclude that every conceivable path to discovery must be a dead-end...that is, perhaps, until the moment that we actually do die. Maybe that's when the discovery happens...?

In any case, I choose to cherish these moments while I still breathe and I enjoy celebrating life with wonderful people like yourself, @cryptopie :)

Time to remember it daily great to learn about being healthy and fit on the go :D


Yes. This is something that we should never forget to remind ourselves. It's actually the most important thing to remember!

its cool!!

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