Do Food Supplements Effective as Advertised?

in health •  2 months ago

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Food supplements gained popularity since a few decades ago which give hopes of combatting diseases, and will give a better health and longer life. Herbal medicines are one of them, which are extracted from plants and other natural resources. They were even considered by many as alternative to synthetic medicines, which has side effects on the body.

Up to now, these natural supplements are still popular. Some are gone, some are still existent for many years, while there were new ones at the market. They were advertised to give better health, longer life, and kills diseases. But is that how things turned out to be?

As we observed, there are many people still dying from different illnesses. Hospitals go full. There has been scarcity of medical professionals in some countries where a large volume of diseases are present.

I have a friend who was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, which also affected her kidneys leading to dialysis. Her friend offered and sold her food supplements that is said to help cure her sickness. My friend undermined medical procedures and stopped taking her prescribed medicines. After few months, she passed away at 23 years of age.

No Approved Therapeutics Claim

If you look at the labels at the packaging of herbal supplements, the phrase No Approved Therapeutics Claim was present. Though in the Philippines, it was replaced into Tagalog phrase which indicates it is not a medicine to cure certain diseases. These herbal pills did not undergo extensive research like how pharmaceutical products undergone such trials.

Since such products are so-called supplements, they should not replace the medicines being prescribed. Supplements will enhance our health. Everybody can take them because they were natural. Yes, pharmaceutical products are big businesses, but herbal supplements were businesses too which are even expensive depending on the product itself. The problem is how they were advertised is just exaggerated that are said to cure different diseases.


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Shut fuck up..

I take herbal but not those advertised here but I never stop the doctor's prescribe. Some times they advertise too much I tried the MX3 and I got sick my sugar went up (supposed to lower) then my bd and I got LBM. I was hospitalized 5-7 days. So I am wary when it comes to just using pure herbal meds or drinks.


MX3 is overrated mam.

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yup sobra advertisement

You are Right bro. The Herbal Medicines are always good for health, because that not side effects any ways. And I am also use a food supplyment of ayurvedic named noni. It is giving very good results to me.