The Powerful Benefits Of Mushrooms Prevent Heart Disease, Lower Cholesterol and Prevent Breast Cancer

in health •  10 months ago

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We all know that vegetables are good for your health, but most don’t know the benefits of eating mushrooms. They have incredible nutrients that can prevent illness, diseases and medical conditions. Did you know that they can prevent and lower your risk of breast cancer?

The white button mushrooms might look ordinary, but when it comes to consuming them they actually lower estrogen levels, which can cause breast cancer. They are loaded with conjugated linolenic acid, a compound that helps protect against the too high levels of estrogen that are linked to breast cancers reports the journal Cancer Research. In a study they reduced the growth of breast cancer tumors by as much as 58%, says lead study author Shiuan Chen, Ph.D., of the Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope in Duarte, California.

Furthermore, they also are packed with disease fighting antioxidants that boost your natural killer cells and protect you from viruses and infections. Here’s a tip on how to keep them fresh; refrigerate prepackaged mushrooms unopened for up to a week; store loose ones in a paper bag. Airtight containers cause condensation that will lead to spoilage.

Oyster mushrooms helps protect your heart from clogged arteries. They are a top source of antioxidant ergothioneine, which research has showed that it blocks the buildup of artery clogging plaque in the blood vessels. Ergothioneine reduces the stick molecules that help plaster plaque forming cells according to study author Keith R. Martin, Ph.D. And eating a cup of these mushrooms a day decreases your chances of cholesterol; it can drop cholesterol by 28%. If you have heart problems like congestive heart failure, Aventrol helps with the circulation of the heart and blood flow for better health. Resterol is another health supplement that lowers cholesterol dramatically, protects your heart and prevents stroke and heart disease.

** itemMaitakes mushrooms fends of diabetes, in a Japanese study the blood sugar levels of diabetic animals fed this mushroom were half as high as the animals that didn’t eat the mushroom. Maitakes contains SX-Fraction, which makes cells more sensitive to insulin. If you can’t find these mushrooms take a 100mg supplement of SX-Fraction three times a day within 30 minutes of each meal. Checkout for all natural health supplements. Mushrooms are something to consider when it comes to meal preparations; they offer great value to your health, who would have thought.*

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