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The saying too much of everything is dangerous is have been debated upon several times and in terms of health and wellness, too much a good thing may also be considered as detrimental to a person. One main example of having too much of a good thing is Exercise, sure you may say that exercise is the one thing that may be good for the body and doing it in excess of the prescribed amount or time may be good. However, this is not true, studies have now shown that too much exercise could also be a bad thing. “Addiction” to exercise may happen to a person and this type of addiction is dangerous because one cannot immediately decipher whether or not he or she is already “addicted” to exercise.
Health and Wellness centers always advise that everything should be done in moderation whether be it eating, drinking or exercising. For those who plan to lose 20 pound immediately and are following the most effective diet plan coupled with exercises, it should always be taken into consideration that in order to lose 20 pounds off your weight you have to follow your health program both your most effective diet plan and your exercise program. So how would one know if their most effective diet plan and exercise program is already being abused? And that the person is already “addicted to exercise”? Here are the indicators:

  1. You start to utilize drugs and other performance and body enhancing drugs in order to satisfy your cravings on your specified amount of exercise. This would include the use of natural yet unnecessary supplements because using these would indicate your obsession to achieve results in an unnatural way.
  2. Another indicator is whenever you encounter deep regrets every time you miss your gym schedule and workouts. This could be normal for everybody however for a person “addicted” to exercise they would feel more than regret they would also feel anxiety, fear, panic and guilt.
  3. Your workout schedules is already affecting both your work and your obligations to your family. People who postpone family activities or even work activities in favor of exercise does have a chronic exercise “addiction” problem.
  4. Working out to much to the point of injuring yourself is another indicator that you are a “addicted to exercise” and all you do is not about how to lose 20 pounds anymore or implementing your most effective diet.
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Anabolic steroid in men work as contraceptive, means it may cause Azoospermia ( absence of sperm).
It may shrink testicles and cause gynecomastia
( enlargement of breast in men). There are many more health hazard associated with use of anabolic steroid. Body building and fitness concern youth often ask a question that what is the safest dose of anabolic steroid ?
Answer is very simple that there is no such thing as safe dose. Minute quantity of steroid may be harmful for individual. Steroid is sex hormone ( testosterone), and our body produce enough quantity of it.