I love cold water swimming in winter! You should try it too!

in health •  last year  (edited)

A year ago I started going into the cold water in winter and I fell in love with that activity!


Now I do it every week on sundays from november to april. Every time I try to extend the time I spend in cold water.

I always do an warm-up before I go into the cold water. I'm running for few minutes in the forest.


Maybe it's not exactly swimming yet because as You see I wear a cap and gloves but I have plan to take them off next time:)


In Poland we have minus 0 temperature so as You can se there is an ice on the surface of water.


And we have a lot of swans which don't want to fly away to Africa so people need feed them up.

Spending time in cold water makes me happy and powerful. It's a great way to mind reset and be loaded by positive energy.

After swimming in cold water I have a lot of endorphins and I'm ready for new week!


For me is the best way to spending time with nature in winter.

I have plan do to it for the rest of my life:) And I really recommend this activity for everybody!

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Wow, you really seem to enjoy it! 😁❄❄❄brrrr

Yes, I love it and I don't know why😉 You should try too!

Haha, this is really fascinating for me, seeing you bathe in the ice cold water with the ducks and swans. 😀
A friend of mine also likes swimming in cold water (though not as cold as you, I guess). She tells me that this has many health benefits and positive effects on the body's fat cells.
However, I think, it is not a thing for me. 😉 I even have troubles with taking my first steps into the swimming pool in the summer, because it is too cold for me. haha
Cu, Chris

Any chance that you are related to Wim Hof?


Yes! I love this guy!!!❤ and he lives in Poland so maybe one day I met him;)

Haha, maybe you meet him in the ice cold pond. 😉hehe

Wow this looks crazy when you live in the tropics hehe.

Yes, it is crazy! But I love water even in winter;)

A lot of people in Finland do that when lakes are frozen and there's a hole in the ice. I know it'd be super good for blood circulation but even thinking about it gives me goosebumps. 😅 I'm glad you enjoy that, though! 😊

Thx! I prefer warm temperatures too but cold swimming is like addiction:)

:D brrr
brawo za odwagę,


Chwilę tam chyba byłaś skoro kaczki zwabiłaś i tak daleko zaszłaś.

Póki co wchodzę na 10-15 minut a kaczki i łabędzie są na tej plaży cały czas więc nie trzeba ich zwabiać. Na szczęście są całkiem przyjazne:)

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I'll just watch at the photos and imagine that it's me swimming there~ That's as far as I can go when it comes to cold water :D

It's not so bad as it looks like 😉

Hey girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and the ducks are walking on water like Jesus. Holy cow. Well, you are beautiful even in the cold. A winter wonderland.

Hi! I'm totally agree with You, ducks and swans look awesome on ice:)

You are much braver than I am @ilovelean Good for you! I hear bathing in cold water it is actually a very healthy activity to do. Have a dip for me!!!!

Thank You! That is true I'm not longer get cold while I'm swimming in cold water;)!