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I thought my husband just had good genetics as his eyes started improving soon after we were first together. We each had the same prescription at that time, -4.25 in each eye. However, my eyes slowly got worse, while his got better. Not fair!

I came across a website not all that long ago. It gave me hope that I can return these ol' eyes back to 20/20 vision. It's no quick fix. It will take effort, time, and patience, but there are many testimonies out there proving that it's possible.

The process seems simple enough. Stop wearing your far-distance correction for close-up work. Such as taking off your glasses while staring at your phone, etc. Also, slowly lower your prescription so there's a little blur in the distance that makes your eyes work to focus and see clearly. (Did you know that you can order glasses at websites such as with any prescription you want, without an actual script? However, that's not the same case with contacts. I tried.)

So I started improving my eye habits first, and then I noticed I couldn't even stand my glasses anymore because they were too strong. It's working! I ordered new glasses and am now working at active focus with these weaker lenses. I highly suggest visiting endmyopia to get more details on how to go through this process.

As it turns out, it's not that my husband is gifted with great genes. After he was done going to school, he spent more time outdoors, less time on screens. His eyesight isn't improving as fast as it could (average is .75 to 1 diopter improvement a year) but it's still steadily improving. Now that I told him about these tips, maybe he'll improve even faster. I'm not too far behind him either.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and see clearly without putting something in or in front of our eyes?


Yeah the prescription for contacts is dumb. My eye sight has been slowly getting worse too and I always use contacts or glasses because I can't see 2 feet in front of me. Maybe I should try some weaker glasses. I know you can buy fairly cheap glasses online.

It's worth a try! I got mine from eyebuydirect for under $40. They had a deal going on at the time but even still, the prices are good.

Great post @hebrewhousewife! I have noticed that my eyesight isn't as good on days that I spend too much time looking at a screen. Also, hormones play a lot into the changes our eyes go through as we age. I am 50 years old and when I was "going through the changes" my eyesight has gotten worse over time.

When I am outside without sunglasses and look off in the far distance several times a day for several minutes my eyesight improves.

I think the less we use of devices to help us read the better. That said, when I am lying in bed reading I do use my readers. If we use our tools consciously then we may not need to rely on them exclusively.

Take care and be well!!

Thank you! I notice my eyesight is worse at night, whether it be from worse lighting or tiredness at the end of the day, I’m not sure. But I’m already noticing that my eyes are adapting well to these new lenses.
And yes, being conscious of how we use our tools is key!

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Howdy hebrewhousewife! Very interesting indeed. This is great information. How did you find that site?

I was watching a video about some eye exercises (which aren't very effective) that are supposed to improve vision. Well one commentor mentioned that site and how it's much more effective at getting back to 20/20 vision. So I checked it out!

That's wonderful hebrewhousewife, this can help lots of people!

As someone who has worn glasses for a good many years this information is very interesting!!! Thanks for sharing! Please keep us up-to-date on the progress!

Isn't it though?! It's amazing what information you can find out there. I'll have to do some updates periodically.

Hello! It has been a couple of months now, so how is this adventure going?

Sigh, not as great as I was hoping. I had to go up in strength because I was getting too frustrated with my glasses being too weak. But I’m quite certain I know what the problems were. I think I went just a little too weak when I ordered new glasses, so I was probably straining to see, which made it worse. Also, I didn’t have any sunglasses, so squinting outside didn’t help. Lastly, I haven’t been good about holding my phone further away from my face. So.. now I have stronger glasses that I can actually see out of, and I have rx sunglasses on the way. I’m sure hoping that will help. At least I’m still ahead of where I started!
Now my husband on the other hand is progressing so much faster! He gets outside more than I do. I think that helps a lot. He needs to get new glasses before these ones fall off his nose lol.

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