Inflammation! Ground yourself and cut grains.. Guaranteed results.

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Chronic inflammatory diseases.

  • Immune response

Various proteins involved where c-reactive proteins are the most important.

  • Histamine

What is inflation: A reaction like allergy, injury, invading pathogen,Immune cells are burst, floods area with peroxide/bleach
kills invading pathogen, or deactivates a virus or damages unrecognizable protein.

Peroxide levels return to normal, no problem.

However lifestyle mistakes can lead to inflammation that does not resolve. New tissue gets damaged and releases pro-inflammatory proteins and the process continues chronically.

Conditions thought to be caused by CID

  • Arthritis

Stop making errors
Simple, Quick


Four lifestyle changes need to be adhered too. Will lead to slight improvements to full resolution. This is for information only and has no actual therapeutic claims are made here. The assertions make are backed by peer reviewed literature.


The earth hold electrons that are negatively charged. Flow of electrons through the body and the earth when in contact. These electrons fill the holes created by neurons taken away by a free radical/peroxide.


How to ground:
Bare skin on Earth as much time as possible. Retail grounding mats are everywhere.

Heavy hydrogen caused by heavy consumption of wheat and grains, interferes with the mitochondria and causes malfunctions within the cells leading to inflammatory responses.

Easy solution is to eat carnivore!



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