The strangest processes practiced by your mind!

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The energy processes of the human mind during the second, its infinite storage capacity and its unique composition, made the human mind a truly controversial creature! Your mind works during your sleep without any complete control and awareness of you but it may do strange things you know.

        Transparent dream

According to some people who have encountered the phenomenon of transparent dream they described it as completely different from any other process by the mind, where they explained that during these dreams they can feel completely that they are on the ground and even more than that they can make some important decisions in their lives!

Beverly D'Urso said during the Lucidity Institute's studies on this question that she had dreamed that she had visited the "sun" and tasted it! Some British psychologists also monitor these dreamers to see what happens during their exposure to this experience. Does what happens during those dreams differ from what happens during normal dreams?

Scientists have found that the minds become more active during those dreams and that the heartbeat and the breathing process take their normal rate. The dreamer's eye moves freely as the eye of an awake person, as it indicates some signs that give the researcher an idea of how far the dreamer has reached his dream. From the middle (or end) or not!

            Entrance effect

Have you ever gone to one of the places and then you have thought about asking yourself what brought you here? Do not worry, you are not crazy and you are not the only one that has happened to him. You are in this case subject to a phenomenon called "portal effect".

A group of researchers at Notre Dame experimented with how things go when one goes from room to room in two cases, the first when he realizes what he will bring from this room, and the other when he does not remember exactly what he wanted.

During the experiment, the person whose memory did not help him remember what to attend from the room, picking up other things, thinking that he was the one he was looking for. Well, what does this mean? This (according to the researchers) means that the memory of the human being scans the things that the mind believes that it is not useful even if it is in need of it!

             semantic satiation

Let's do this together now, sitting on your seat

All you have to do is repeat the word (dog) if you can for a hundred times! Good continued, did you get bored? Is it funny now? Now you're wondering what this word means? Do I pronounce it correctly? What will happen next ?!

This phenomenon is called semantic satiation and occurs when you see or hear a word for a long period of time up to decades, scientists say that this phenomenon occurs when you block your mind boredom, then the mind to find an innovative way to get rid of it raises other topics related to this boring word! 

           Deja vu phenomenon

What is this phenomenon? Have you ever felt that you are in one of the positions or places you have previously seen or something has been before? Unfortunately you are not miraculous but it processes your mind again!

In July of 2016, a group of researchers from St. Andrews in the United Kingdom presented their findings on this subject, and reported that the phenomenon of Deja vu when it occurs, the front of the human brain has seen this situation before the rest of the brain can see it!

            The inability to remember names

Surely you were stuck in that little war between your memory and the name of the movie, the person, or the place you were sure you remembered well but you did not do!

The number of words in a language is too large, and your mind takes specific, easy-to-remember paths to reach words that are used frequently or frequently. Words that have never been shown only once or twice either go bumpy paths until they reach it, , Called Lethologica phenomenon.  


           Misophonia phenomenon

Well, this situation is somewhat new. Psychologists have not reached their cause before 2011. If a person chews his or her food or swallows a juice box with a loud voice, it is a powerful reason to wipe out the person's intestines.

Psychologists have linked the case of a person who gets very angry when he hears the sounds of eating food with the condition of the obsessive-compulsive disorder, but they returned and separated the cases to show us a new condition called Misophonia or anger syndrome from hearing the sounds of swallowing food and drinks!


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