Traditional Gyms are a thing of the Past!

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We've all been there... a trip to the gym usually inspires dread. Many people, including myself,  avoid the traditional gyms for various reasons ranging from the environment to the price. 

Top 3 reasons why:


Overcrowding is a major issue for many gym-goers. This is most common at large gym chains where there can be 100 plus individuals at a location at a time. In many cases, this leads to gym members having to stray from their workout plan because they have to wait for a machine to use, there is nothing more disgruntling than an interrupted workout. 

Intimidation Factor

Not everyone who goes to the gym is a fitness junkie with an ideal physique. Once they get to the gym, they see incredibly fit individuals doing impressive workouts. This can be intimidating for some, as they may feel as if they do not measure up to others. 


Joining a gym can be very expensive. The average gym membership is roughly $58 a month and can be more expensive when features such as basketball courts, saunas, personal trainers, and group sessions are added to the package. Many gym-goers do not utilize all of the features included in the plan, or simply can't afford the extras. Resulting in many people overpaying for gym memberships as they struggle to see results, if any!



You probably always heard that in order to get in shape you have to go to the gym, drink a lot of proteins, and maybe in a year or so you will see results.

What is body weight training?

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not like that. Actually, it’s far from it, you can not only get in shape without leaving your home but if you work hard and add in some cardio workouts you will get ripped in no time.

How it’s done?

This training method is just like it sounds, you use your own body’s weight to train your muscles. Push-up and pull-ups are bodyweight exercises because you use your own body’s weight as resistance and that’s how you get in shape.

A few tips before we get started:

If you really want to see results you have to be persistent, if you set a training schedule you have to stick to it!

You have to eat healthy, it means that you cannot eat junk food! Only healthy foods with high nutrition values.

Lastly you need to know, even if it’s from home, it is not going to be easy. So you need to find something to motivate you for the hard times.

Here is a list of exercises to get you started:

1. Push-ups

Works on: 

Chest, Shoulders, Abs, Arms, and Back.

How to do:

It’s done while in a prone position by raising and lowering your body using only your arms.

2. Pull ups how to do pull ups

Works on:

Upper and lower back, Shoulders, Abs, and Arms.

How to do:

It’s done while hanging on a pole, and by pulling yourself up until your chin is above the pole. 

3. Squats 

Works on:

Thighs, hips, and all of the leg muscles.

How to do:

It’s done while standing straight with your hands stretched while moving the hips backwards and bending the knees you lower your body, then returning to the upright position.

4. Bench dips

Works on:

Arms, mostly the triceps.

How to do:

It’s done while holding a bench or something of that sort, and your legs straightened. You lower your body, until your forearm and your biceps are at 90 degrees and then you raise yourself back up.

5. Planks

Works on:

Abs, and Back.

How to do:

It’s done while in a prone position, similar to push ups positions only with your forearms bent. The exercise is to hold yourself this way as long as you can.


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