Russian Device Cures Diseases Like Star Trek!

in #health7 years ago

Remember when Dr. McCoy seemingly could do amazing things with his medical tricorder?   Well now a Russian company has something even better than a tricorder!  This Russian designed unit uses the principles first invented by Royal Rife to shatter virtually any disease using resonant frequencies.   

his is just one of the natural cures I talk about in my free ebook, "Suppressed Health Secrets".   Watch the video and you’ll learn how Royal Rife cured 100% of terminal cancer patients with specially tuned vibrations.  Rife was honored around the world as the man who cured all disease!  But years later the evil forces stole his research and destroyed his machines.  They tied him up in frivolous lawsuits until they bankrupted him.  They paid their stooges in the medical journals to lie about everything!


Please Follow me and share the truth!  

Glenn Canady

[email protected]

Skype: ProjectNsearch


Hello Glen, I just got your email and immediately Steemed your info! lol Then found you here so happy that your a Steemarian! Great post great info. Thank you. Upvoted and following. Mason CPC and Merkaba Film Group

Thank you! I love Steemit! :)

I know right? Making logos and videos co branding with Steemit, which is something you'd never even imagine doing on any other platform. Following you for a while via email, love your work! STEEMON!

I'm going to look into this Glenn! Thanks for the info!

There are a few companies that make "Rife" machines. Usually they cost around 2 grand.

Can you provide a reliable link so I can check it out? thanks

Here's one, but all you have to do is search Rife Frequency Generator and you'll find a bunch.

The german company selling the Russian device is in my free ebook. Email me [email protected] for links. It's in the "Bonuses" menu option at seen by all members.

I have the link to the Russian company which teamed up with the Germans to build it. I give it away free in my ebook on Click graphic at top of page plus you get my posts as a bonus! :)

Hey Glenn, do you know anyone who has bought from the site that you referenced? I just want to make sure that it is legitimate. Thx

I'm going to buy the device in the next month. I read a lot of their studies and was impressed. It cured many diseases in their medical studies. Of course the criminal Rockefeller fraud medicine in the US will tell you it's impossible and then give you worthless pills that don't do anything but make Pharma rich and you sick!

Thanks for the info Glenn. BTW, I subscribe to your website. I actually bought it and it arrived this week. Waiting to see how things go.

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