Hey... Don't Skip Your Breakfast!!

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Hi Friends... I just came across an article in the local newspaper about the importance of having a good Breakfast!.

Yes, a good breakfast or a plate of nutritious food in the morning before starting our hard work of the day is a must for everyone at all age!!. And the quality and quantity of our food in-take must depend on the type of work we do, which may differ from person to person. It should supply proteins, vitamins and minerals our body needs to do our work without a feeling of fatigue, that's all. But it's good if it includes grains, nuts, fruits and juices too.


Actually I have skipped my breakfast so many times, in my age of between 30 and 40 years!. I was too busy, being the mother of a lil naughty boy, was working with a Nationalized Bank and was overloaded with too many responsibilities of home and office that I never had either breakfast or lunch or dinner in time!!.

The area of my Bank was at a much busy business place and sometimes I had to eat lunch too in a hurry (only half lunch :). Those were the days without computers and even counting machines were yet to come to our small city of Mangalore, and we had to count all the cash by using our own hands!.

OK, Let's talk about the importance of having a good breakfast...

These are the main things which can affect our health if we skip our breakfast.

Without having a proper Breakfast results in....

1.The tiredness or fatigue, nausea, headache and laziness!.

2. It may result in a heart attack, or paralytic attack and the risk is 25 to 30% more!!.

3. It can cause type 2 diabetes (The chances are 54% more than those who are having breakfast in time).

4. It will not help to reduce our weight as we all think! Instead it may result in weight gain!!

5. It may lead to a high blood pressure and also Migraine...

6. If we keep our stomach empty for more than 12 hours, this may result in a low supply of protein and may lead to a hair loss too...

So my dear Friends, however busy you are in the morning hours, please have a good breakfast always and don't ever think of skipping it, for any reason!!....

With much love and regards, @geetharao...

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I had read some where that ,The best way to live healthily is ,"Morning breakfast have like a king,lunch like a citizen and dinner like a beggar."So healthy breakfast is necessary for all.Thanks for the great share.


Hi dear @maya7... Yes, what you said is true... :)


Thanks dear,hope the situation of flood improves little in your area.Wish you great time my dear friend ,love you.

a solid breakfast is vital for good nutrition and even weight loss.

Great share! Very true! Breakfast is the first meal after dinner so there is a long gap between two meals. Skipping breakfast will make it more.

A healthy breakfast is a must. Our lifestyle has become so bad that we are skipping breakfast and eating too much in dinner. While we should do opposite. Breakfast should be in large quantity. We should eat less in dinner. It can keep our weight in control.
I know bank employees life is very difficult. My relatives also work there. I can understand how much difficulties you have seen while working in banks.

very tasty breakfast. my faforit food.

Great information @geetharao thanks for your kind heart

Breakfast must be eaten.


yes, breakfast give you the energy which you are using every day......

i love INDIAN chapati which is made by the great hand's of my MOM...

I usually skip my breakfast as I work late and get up later, will surely take care about it mam thanks mam, very useful post 👍


Hey... But you can have very good food at your workplace! ;)...

I skip breakfast because I need some extra time to study for college exams but I still eat a very healthy lunch and a healthy dinner. ( Lunch: Lettuce wraps filled with meat and cheese paired with fruits and a handful of roasted almonds). Dinner is vegetables with fish or meat. And I also drink water all throughout the day.

I have noticed any negative side affects and I am currently 20 and I have been doing this since I was like 14 or 15. Having my meals planned really helps me eat healthy food for those 2 meals.

However, without having a proper breakfast results will harmful for health, so be careful.
Have a good day.
Steem on!

It seems that I'm the only one here who don't agree to this newspaper article.

Although I take a light & raw breakfast daily (everything you mentioned except the grains); it's the outcome of western culture and work timings everywhere. I've seen mostly busy people who take their lunch about 2 or 3 pm and then dinner about 11 or 12 in night. In Indian culture ...at least in my region, there was no practice of any breakfast or late night dinner. Even today, I see several families and relatives, who do not take breakfast.

Shouldn't we eat what we feel and when we feel hungry? Eating by the clock seems strange to me. How can everyone suddenly feels hungry with the strike of 8 am or 1 pm in the clock?

But yeah I agree, those who are in the habit of taking their breakfast shouldn't skip it for the want of time and should plan their time wisely giving due importance to the needs of their body.

Have a great day!


Hi... @xyzashu... Yes, I agree with you about the fact that we must eat only when we feel hungry.
Today's working habits have changed a lot. Even the working hours!
My post is for those who have to go to the Office at a fixed time in the morning and can't opt to eat something in between, till lunch time!.
If we are working from home, like me(now) or my son, we get the option of taking food at any time, whenever we feel hungry...
I think I can write one more blog on this.... :)...


Please do it 😊


Truly said ma'am, there are too many things to do in the morning and we tend to ignore breakfasts :) But yes, I'm trying to have a healthy breakfast nowadays...

You're right @geetharao
We need proper breakfast everyday.

According to me...

Breakfast makes me feel lazy and tired. I feel skipping breakfast forces your stomach to burn toxins and food that may be left over from the day before. in other words its uses all the old fuel up and probably starts to burn fat when there's nothing in there. Its like a mini cleansing every day.


Hi @steemrobot... Good news! I have this habit even now, if I sit with my esteem, right in the morning hours ;)...

Very educative post mam. Thanks for sharing.

I usually drink a cup of cold coffee and couple of biscuits during my office days and used to starve until lunch. But due to that i felt very low and also that did not helped me in losing weight anyway. Latter I came to know that the more we starve the more we gain weight. So it always recommended that to get a healthy body we should eat healthy and on a proper time.

Breakfast is must...my grandfather used to say to must have a complete fiet in morning...you never know how your days go....and if you get a chance to eat..

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What about breakfast-skippers, who live healthy and still maintain overweight? I´m tired of being told, that overweight people eat unhealthy and don´t move enough! It seems to be the only available explanation - but it doesn´t ALWAYS match the truth.

Yes and breakfast skippers have often eaten a lot the previous night and are not hungry of a morning. In the end this is one of those where you can find out for yourself by experimenting. Bit like riding a bike all day without carbs, you'll soon find out whether you need them or not.

Thanks for sharing this post...
Extraordinary experience...
Love from @a-0abul

Breakfast is very much essential to live a healthy life. We must not skip it.

I really enjoy reading these kind of posts, they are definitely the best.
I started having breakfast everyday 3 months ago, after skipping it almost everyday, and now I feel so better, breakfast is so important, in every aspect, you have the reason. New follower :)