COMPLETE FOOD vs. REGULAR FOOD (Blood Glucose Monitoring Part 02)

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As a little research project, I've started to track my blood glucose levels. The idea is to compare regular food with complete food. I suspect that there is a correlation between my mood and my glucose levels, so the first thing to figure out is what exactly happens with my glucose levels when I eat food.


I've been monitoring my blood for about a week now and as far as the results show I'm quite balanced and have overall healthy levels. Most of the time before I eat it's around 4 mmol/L which goes up, post-meal to about 6 mmol/L. I've had a couple of higher numbers, but I'll get into that in later posts.


It was weird, only to eat regular food again. First of all, I had to figure out what a "regular" food diet consists of since I base almost 60% of my diet on complete food. I decided to give myself a free pass to buy whatever I felt like and see what would happen. By doing so, I instantly defaulted to my old food consumption pattern I had before I started with the project back in the summer of 2016. Which, given what I know today was not a very optimal diet.


But I do think that this food pattern portrays on average what a vast majority of western society eats (at least in The Netherlands). I realize that this is not evidence-based and that I could have gone more into the details about what a regular food diet should consist off. Then again that would turn out to become a whole new project in itself.

What I instantly noticed was a return of a somewhat sluggish feeling after my meals. A slight resemblance of brain fog and an overall sense of lack in motivation also occurred to me. I hope that the glucose numbers that I got will somehow correlate with the feelings I've experienced. I can only say so after I've measured my blood while on a complete food diet which is starting in two days from now.



Measuring your blood glucose levels with the device I bought is quite a painstaking process. It also does not provides the most accurate results. By this, I mean that the whole flow of obtaining the levels has to be done manually. The pre and post meal numbers I get give a rough idea of whats happening inside me. But I realized that I do need a monitor system that is continuous. I want to see minute to minute what happens when I eat.


The system I have in mind is the Freestyle Libre by Abbott It's a relatively cheap option when it comes to glucose monitoring systems. Currently, they stopped taking new orders due to a drastic increase in demand. I'm on a waiting list, and customer service told me that they'd probably start retaking orders around summer this year.

I feel that I 've touched on an excellent new habit to incorporate into my biohacking practice. It's exciting to get more information about my body and how it reacts to what I put into it. I honestly can't wait till the Freestyle libre is back on the market.

The daily feedback on your glucose levels is something that I firmly believe will become more mainstream. Technology and user experience play a vital role in this adaptation. Currently, it's instantly looked upon as something only diabetes patients are doing, yet understanding your glucose levels could, in fact, prevent getting diabetes in the first place.

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📌 I don't have a medical background. I am not a nutritionist. I'm an autodidact and obtain all my knowledge through personal research. I also value anecdotal evidence. None of the information I provide should be viewed as a guideline or advice. #DYOR

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Cool, maybe you could write an article about why you're jonesing for the Freestyle Libre so much, vs OTHER glucose monitoring systems?

To be honest it's the price. There are more sophisticated devices even more precise. But those are really targeted for people who actually have diabetes. Those specs I'll simply won't use. This gives an 8 hour graph which is perfect for the type of research I'd like to do. Also, the smart phone sync is pretty neet.

thanks for sharing

방가방가반가워요 👍👍👍