The Power of ZZZZ’s

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As many of you know, health is much more than eating great food, taking world class supps & moving around a bit.

😴 Sleep and 😡 stress management are two VERY important aspects of your life. Today we'll tackle sleep - next week, stress management.

Did you know these also affect weight management?

Most of you are busier than you ever thought you'd be. Now you're taking the time to train for your health and eat for your health, but have you thought about sleeping for your health?

Many days we have to wake-up between 4:00am and 5am, which means in order to get a high-quality 7-8 hours we are in bed by 9 to 9:30.

Why? Because we value the importance of sleep and know how it can affect our performance.

What do we give up to get to bed so early?

Late night TV
Night time snacking
Social Media Surfing
Local News

We don't miss any of it.

Nothing that happens after 9pm is really helping us be better, healthier or smarter.

Here is a fantastic article all about sleep and its backed by science (10-15 minute read).

Take a few moments today to read that article. If you are not making sleep a priority, you need too.

Sleep Well,
Coach Nick 😴


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