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Dealing with psoriasis

in health •  2 years ago

My boyfriend seems to suffer from the same type of symptoms. All his life they said it was allergies and never have I heard of tumeric to help with it!

We eat alot of curries. But I will try tumeric everyrhing for a week and see if it helps.. if it works for him, hou could just be saving him so much frustration!

Thank you for this post!

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Your welcome ad first 8 years ago the doctor said I was allergic for grass and trees. But know it is Psoriasis triggered by stress. If your boyfriend decide to try the tablets he should use 2x 500mg, because with the powder you cannot digest that amount. And use the powder in salade or smoothies of food


I will get him to look into it! thank you so much.
You are a life saver.

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