How I'm making my own toothpaste

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Hey peeps,

This is a quick video to show you how I've been making my own toothpaste for several years now. It's super easy, environmentally friendly and healthy!

Are you using any DIY products at home? If yes, which ones?

I'd love to read your comments!

PS: I have my usual video-bomb in the background lol

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Oh Eve, how cool is that?! I don't understand how come that I didn't think about it earlier, lol.

I'm purchasing vegan toothpaste for ca 6USD! This is such a money saver!

How long can you keep this toothpaste? Just so that I know how much to make :)

Thank you for sharing!

sorry my response got posted all the way down below for some reason... =(

Thank you! I've found it!

Maan, I was so many times so close to trying it :D But from some stupid reason never tried it...But I feel this is the time! :D Btw I'd love to actually see what youre doing haha :D I guess there's nothing special going on but still :DD Btw I also hate cleaning :D

Hahah yeah I was just mixing it 😂 try it! Honestly it’s so much better that freakin Colgate etc....

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is it good for teeth, baking soda helps strengthen teeth and prevent dental cavities.

Wow, I´m so happy more and more people make their own stuff. I am using nothing I could not eat. Because I am living in the Amazon in a delicate ecosystem, I don´t use any soaps ( I also do no poo, only water.. it´s a journey but WORTH it <3) I don´t uns creams or anything.. but I must say.. a raw vegan diet hydrates a lot and the skin doesn´t need anything.. so.. that makes it easier for sure ^^ For the teeth I use roots, right now the "licorice root". it´s amazing :) Saludos de Perú

oh wow that's great!!!!I'm going to follow you and check out more about how you live, sounds amazing!!!!

It's so simple, just two ingredients I love your toothpaste recipe @evecab. ☺️
For brushing teeth I can also recommend kaolin, white clay. I also used a combination of soda and hydrogen peroxide. Most of the cosmetics I use are made from natural ingredients by myself. I am glad that this is becoming more and more popular. ☺️

Yeah it’s so simple, right! I also make other products ! We should share recipes hehe 😜

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This sounds pretty interesting, I think I might try this out. I already have all the ingredients too, which makes it that much easier.

Thanks for your nice video and for the toothpaste's recipe, @evecab!

I was used to oilpulling with coconut oil: it is a daily operation recommended by Ayurvedic medicine: do you know it?

hi @osso, yes I heard it's healthy =). I tried once, but then I stopped. I feel weird doing I only brush =)

Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to try your toothpaste

I’m glad to hear that ! Hope you like it!

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I think I'll give that one a go, cheers ears

nice!!! Let me know how you like it =)

I make my own deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch.
And I guess you know the NoPoo ? :)


hey, me too! =) I also add some citronella for the smell, and I love it! I've done the nopoo thing for a while but then I went back to regular some reason I always thought I was smelly =(

I've been using baking soda and coconut oil for a while now as well, and my teeth have never felt so clean. Its still great to hear that a dentist gave it the thumbs up as well. The other ingredient I sometimes add in is activated charcoal, you would think that the black would stain your teeth, but its actually a really good tooth whitener.

hey great to see that you do it too! I wish I had access to the charcoal, I've heard great things about it. They don't sell it here though...

There's website in America called iherb, they sell it very cheap and they ship all over the world. Thats where I order mine from.

Hey @delishtreats as far as I know there is no expiration date 😜

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Oh, I didn't see it before! It's good that you sent me a message now. Cool, then I can make loads of it! :)

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